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A Regent's Park Penthouse by NW3 Interiors.

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  • Design House: NW3 Interiors
  • Project Name: Regent's Park Penthouse
  • Location: London, UK

A contemporary home, filled with the classics.

Recently, London-based design studio, NW3 Interiors, worked with clients to create a vibrant, family-orientated space in one of the cities most sought after spots.

Drawing upon their clients love of classic furniture, and weaving in their desire to design a functional space for group gatherings, NW3 helped devise a welcoming interior which subtly pays homage to midcentury design.

Take a quick tour of the project below.


One of the key objectives of the space was to ensure that the apartment provided a welcoming and comfortable space for the client's whole family to congregate.

The clients - who had recently retired - sought an environment that promised to bring family and friends together.


Working to this brief, NW3 Interiors carved out areas which were both open and relaxed - the large living area and dining space being perfect examples of this.

When designing the living area, there was a particular emphasis placed upon seating options.

Not only were there seating choices critical to their ability to create a socialable family space, but they also posed a great opportunity to feature a few of the home-owners favourite classic pieces.

Taking centre stage in the space is the Barcelona Day Bed - relaxed and minimal, it represented a true mid-century classic.

The Barcelona day bed was a substantial piece to fill the space and to create a separation between two areas. Supplied in a soft natural leather to contrast with the grey natural oak herringbone flooring.

The dining area was designed to be light and delicate, complementing the dusty pink chandelier above the space.

A light marble tabletop was used to bounce natural light around the room, whilst blush velvet Gubi chairs added a desired injection of colour.

A bookshelf was also purposed for adding decorative items and filling the large space at the back of the room.


Find out more about NW3 Interiors here.

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