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Caroline House by Kennedy Nolan

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Striking yet whimsical, the extension to this Edwardian house in Melbourne designed by architectural and design studio Kennedy Nolan perfects the balanced relationship between exterior and interior spaces.

Take a quick tour of this project below.

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The new addition to Caroline House includes a kitchen, living room, dining area, bathroom, and an unmissable green staircase that leads to a master bedroom, ensuite bathroom and office.

From loose furniture and decorative pieces to the rounded kitchen island, elements throughout the interior cleverly mimic the curved walls, arched doorways and circular shapes of the architecture.

The most significant part of the client’s brief was the inclusion of a pool. Surrounded by black terrazzo, “the pool deliberately challenges regular notions – it is round, it is compact, it is deep, it is dark”, said Kennedy Nolan.

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“The pool is imagined for year-round use, swimming in summer, a dark pond reflecting the facade in winter. The proximity of water to the interior is immediate and dramatic with the sense that the edge of the building plunges into a deep pool. These effects are deliberate and aspire to [create] a setting which is poetic and evocative without being specific – an environment redolent of things our city and in our imagination.”

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These effects are deliberate and aspire to [create] a setting which is poetic and evocative without being specific – an environment redolent of things our city and in our imagination.
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In addition to being decorative, the pool and orientation of the home were created with functionality and efficiency in mind. “The courtyard is able to fulfil the conventional requirements of passive solar design: cross ventilation, north orientation to rear rooms and multiple garden aspects”, said Kennedy Nolan. “The inclusion of a swimming pool in the courtyard augments it’s function - having a decorative presence all year round, but also providing evaporative cooling effects in summer”.

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The design of Caroline House is playful and distinguished. As thoughtfully noted by Kennedy Nolan, “[it references] our collective memory whilst avoiding the specific so that new memories can be created.”

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