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You asked, we listened.

You've been asking for an easier way to manage and deliver your interiors projects. We've listened. Say hello to eporta's new project management features, everything your project needs in one place.

For many, being an interior designer is the dream job, with the opportunity to be creative every day and the tangibility of designing a space and turning it into a reality.

Plus meeting great people, more than a third of the designers we've asked believe that working with their clients to bring their vision to life is the best part of the job.

And, while there is plenty to love I'm reminded of a conversation with interior designer Shanade McAllister-Fisher about the perception and reality of interior design.

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Over 75% of the interior designers we asked find staying on top of the daily project admin the hardest part of their job. 50% also site dealing with things when they go wrong as time-consuming and tricky, what's more, over a third find the accounting aspects of a project to be challenging at times.

What consumes designers day-to-day graph before eporta.

Through listening to the eporta community and the wider industry, it became clear that no solution allowed you to manage sourcing, quotes, orders and suppliers all in one place.

So we decided to build it for them. Over the past year, we have been working tirelessly to create the tools, and features that designers need to deliver projects more effectively.

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We've combined the diversity of our marketplace, where you can source from the world's largest product library, with a suite of project management tools, that keep up with you.

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Now you can source, propose, specify, order, and manage every communication with a supplier and client in one place, so you get more time, more control and more confidence to deliver your design.

And we won't stop here. We are always listening and turning your insights into new tools that make our platform better for you, your business and your designs. If you have suggestions, let us know.

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