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Rest Nest Charity by Taylor Howes

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Established in 2018 by Karen Howes, CEO of Taylor Howes, REST NEST is a charitable initiative organising the reimaging of nursing staff’s break room facilities in UK hospitals by the design community. With a passion for mental wellness in the workplace, Karen founded the initiative to alleviate the particularly high-pressure environments of the front line.

“I founded REST NEST as a means to give our nursing staff a lasting thank you that would surpass chocolates, cards and flowers" said Karen.

"As interior designers we are fortunate to inhabit a world filled with colour and creativity, we face challenges, like all roles, on a daily basis but these don’t begin to compare with anyone working on the front line in the UK, a fact being heightened at this unprecedented time now more than ever. I am proud to be able to inject, in some small way, via our contacts, skills as designers and working closely with the hospital’s charitable trusts, some of our colour and knowledge. Providing environments that not only support mental wellness in the work place but actively promote it is essential. I have been shocked by the facilities in the some of hospitals we have visited over the course of founding the REST NEST initiative and it’s imperative that these rooms be addressed now, so our nurses know just how appreciated they are and how much we respect and admire the role they play in all our lives.”

Karen’s youngest daughter is a clinical nurse currently working on a COVID-19 ICU ward.

Hear more from Karen about this inspiring initiative and how to get involved in the video below.


Established in 1993 by Karen Howes, Taylor Howes interior design studio has redefined a new benchmark for remarkable interiors and exquisite furnishings.

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