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Reimagined purpose- How Batch.Works are saving lives.

Batch.Works, a homewares supplier on eporta, are turning their 3D printing innovations into a much needed solution to protect frontline healthcare workers and fight COVID-19.

GOOD NEWS! It seems so lovely to be able to write those words in such uncertain times that I couldn't resist capitalising them.

As many of us will know medical equipment both in the UK and around the world are in short supply, particularly vital materials that protect our healthcare workers, such as face masks.

But today I'm thrilled to share that one of our suppliers- Batch.Works are looking to turn the tide on this shortage. Typically, creators of everyday homewares solutions from vases to lamps, they have found an alternative use for their 3D printing capabilities.

For now, they are dedicating their micro-factory in East London to the common cause of beating this pandemic, through 3D printed face shields, made from biodegradable plastic.

Disposable model Batch.shield Light - BSL01
Reusable model Batch.shield Heavy - BSH01

In partnership with healthcare design studio Cellule and their NHS partners, they have created a design that will take just 1 minute to print as opposed to the average 2-3 hours of other processes. That totals the capacity to create around 1,000 masks a day.

There will be two options available depending on their frontline use, one where the shield can be disposed of and one that can be wiped down disinfected and re-used multiple times.

They intend to start by producing enough protection for West Middlesex University Hospital and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, as well as Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Birmingham, and Brighton Hospital.

But that is just the start. They intend to offer protection to as many frontline workers as possible from carers to cashiers in supermarkets.

However, they need help. To get production going on over 11,000 face shields, they need to raise funds that cover elements like the elasticated headbands, sterile packaging and shipping etc. You can donate and find out more here.

Reinnovation in text image.png

We want to say thank you to Batch.Works for all they are doing.

At the time of writing, samples were sent to the NHS for final approval, but unofficial feedback is looking great so far.

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