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5 ways to get more control over your interior design project, with eporta.

Always stay in control with the tools you need when you need them.

Controlling all the moving parts of an interior design project can feel challenging at times, and while we can't take away the essential things that need your attention, we can make them easier to do. With eporta, the power is always in your hands.

Here are just five ways you get more control as a result of using eporta.

1. Discover without limits

Sourcing can feel like a compromise at times with budget restraints, dimension complications, and of course, lead times, and no-one can take those complexities out of your project.

But with the world's largest sourcing marketplace at your fingertips, you can discover over 100,000 products from thousands of suppliers, minimising the need to compromise on your specification.

Using our features to manage your interior design project doesn't restrict where you source from. If you can't find what you're looking for in our library, simply add items from suppliers elsewhere to your schedule.

More control: We give you the power to source from anywhere and manage your options in one easy to use place, so you can minimise the need to compromise on your product specification.

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2. For your eyes only

Every designer-client relationship is different, as is the information you want to share with them. Maybe you don't want to share sensitive information about pricing, trade discounts or even supplier name.

That's why when you are ready to share your product selection with a client, you can create proposals in an instant that allow you to choose what information you disclose.

More control: Total control over how you manage and navigate the relationship with your client, you work your way.

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3. Sharing is caring

What's it they say- teamwork makes the dreamwork- and true to form it's often helpful to have a soundboard or to share your work with people that need to know.

You can share as much or as little of your project as you like with team members or freelancers. They too can enjoy all that eporta has to offer, for free, by creating an account, and that way you can collaborate with them whenever you need to.

More control: Collaborate with who you want, whenever you want and wherever you are in the world, so you can keep your project moving forward.

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4. Note to self

77% of the designer's we asked find juggling day-to-day project management as the most time-consuming part of their role, and often the trickiest. And with so many things going on an order deadline, or payment can easily be missed.

When you've requested a quote from an eporta supplier, you have the option to set a reminder for the last order date of that product, for your project. You'll receive a prompt by email on the set date, so you never miss out on an item.

More control: The same can be done for payments, once an item's status has changed to order, giving you control your order and payment schedule.

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5. Money talks

Getting your pricing method just right can take time, whether you charge your client retail price, add a sourcing fee or both, you know what works for you.

You can set your mark-ups and fees at the start of your project on eporta, which means every item you add to a schedule auto-calculates accordingly.

Or if you want to work on a product by product basis, you can edit the details as you go.

More control: This gives you a clear financial view as your working, without relinquishing control over what you charge.

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