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5 ways eporta's project management features give you more confidence.

Keep projects moving forward with accurate information you can rely on.

It's normal to have moments of self-doubt, that nagging feeling that you've missed something, that question you meant to ask a supplier, the double-triple checking of mark-ups, fees and invoices.

All these little bits add up, taking up time you don't have, and at worse undermining your confidence to deliver a project.

Here are five ways that our project management features can give you more confidence.

1. Speak Directly

No one likes a middleman; they get in the way of decisions and making progress, which is why you are dealing directly with suppliers through the eporta marketplace.

Using our internal messaging system, you can reach out to any supplier on the platform, including those you have no relationship with currently.

But we set high standards when it comes to the conduct of our suppliers, meaning quick response times with helpful and informative answers.

More confidence: We work with suppliers who live up to the standards we know you expect.

Gold Supplier Status.

2. Price Promise

Chasing trade prices can be taxing, from requesting and waiting for a trade account to negotiating your trade discount, when all you want is the assurance that you are getting the best product at the best price.

As a trade-only platform, our suppliers guarantee us the best trade prices; in fact, you won't need to request a trade account with most of them.

And if you have an existing relationship with a supplier, your agreed discount will be honoured on the platform. Plus if you are buying multiple products, the extra discounts you'd typically benefit from can still be achieved.

More confidence: You can specify and purchase safe in the knowledge that you've achieved the best price for your project.

eporta Price Promise

3. Lighten the Load

54% of the designers we asked said the most time-consuming part of their role is when something goes wrong, and a further 24% report being solely responsible for everything is challenging.

And while we can't entirely remove the risk of something going wrong, because with such complex projects mistakes happen, we are here to help you fix it.

We encourage members to talk directly with suppliers if there is a problem as they are in the best position to provide a solution, but if a fix looks hard to come by, we are here to help.

More confidence: Feel reassured that we've got your back and can offer support when you need it.


4. Eye for Detail

Sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to check over your calculations, the product specification, or that the supplier really said what you remembered.

Our intelligent features work in a way that keep up with you, so you don't have to second guess your maths, eye for detail, or your memory.

Adding items to schedules automatically pulls through the product specification details. You can also set mark-up's and fees to auto calculate for every product, or change them on a case by case basis.

And as for supplier conversations, your chat history is one easy to access location, so no rifling through emails or notes, every word is there for you to see.

More confidence: Rest assured that your details are up to date and reliable whenever you need them.

Detailed Schedules that automatically update as you work.

5. Get the facts

More on the details- to make great design choices, you need to know all the facts and options available to you, not just the dimensions or the production time, but also the fabric options, safety treatments and so much more.

Many suppliers on eporta provide technical sheets, 3D files and technical drawings on the platform. Still, as you are dealing directly with the supplier, anything you need can easily be uploaded and shared.

There's the added benefit of easily ordering samples and discussing bespoke variations, through one simplified messaging system.

More confidence: All the facts that enable you to make creative decisions confidently and quickly, at your fingertips.

Downloadable 3D files and Technical Drawings.
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