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5 ways eporta gives you more time.

eporta takes you from the inspiration to installation phases of your interior design projects, in the easiest way possible.

Finding a faster way to deal with everyday project management admin means you get more time to do with what you choose to.

Here are just five of the ways that you get more time as a result of using eporta for your project management.

1. Finding what you want

Search itself is easy. Whether you know what you are looking for or are open to suggestions, our search categories can narrow or widen the field of choice for you.

Set up multiple search categories at once, including price, dimensions, production time and style, to name just a few. You'll be able to find perfect pieces for every budget, timeline and design style.

Time save: Discover products from numerous suppliers that fit your exact requirements so you can source accurately but with pace.

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2. All the choice, all the facts.

Pulling together potential product curations for a project can be both fun and taxing. Our marketplace hosts over 100,000 products, from thousands of suppliers.

You can find go-to brands like Gubi, &Tradition, and The Rug Company, and on the same platform, discover something new from emerging designers around the world.

What's more, adding products to lists as you go, so you always have a record of your choices alongside every detail you need to make great sourcing decisions.

Time save: Quickly reach out to multiple suppliers turning your lists into schedules that you can manage proposals, quotes and orders from.

With the added bonus of product details automatically adding themselves, so you can narrow down your options and share with a client without copy and paste.

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3. Keeping track of the choices.

Clients often like choice- it allows them to feel involved in the space that's being designed. But it can be hard to keep on track of what they've chosen and even what you've shared with them.

Our tagging system allows you to organise your proposals, and importantly your schedules, eliminating the time spent chasing choices and manually updating your records.

Time save: Try tagging your product selections as option A/B or confirmed choice. So when decisions are made, you can quickly filter the schedule down to what you need to move your project forward.

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4. Communication is king

When it comes to requesting quotes for products, it often feels like there is a lot of legwork involved, from print outs to emails, there's so much paperwork.

Keeping on top of it all is fine until a subject line is changed and a new thread begins, or you have multiple projects on the go at once with the same supplier.

With our in-platform messaging system, you speak directly with the supplier in one thread per project. Meaning your conversations are always relevant to what you're working on, easy to track, and quick to refer back to.

Time save: No rooting through emails or relying on notes from phone conversations, just every conversation in one place directly accessible from your schedule.


5. Order management

Why is ordering never as simple as should be? There are client invoices, bank transfers and waiting times. Let alone keeping on top of what you've ordered, invoiced or paid for.

This is why you can now order items sourced from eporta directly from your schedule. Generate client invoices in seconds which they can pay directly from, or transfer the funds yourself. We support whatever works for you.

What's more, the status of an item within your schedule automatically updates, so you can easily see what's been ordered and keep on top of payments.

Time save: You can pay in whatever way suits you at the click of a button, then see the order status of a product within your schedule at a glance.

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These are just some of the ways our new project management features can save you time, but there's so much more to eporta 2.0 click the option that suits you below to find out more and explore.

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