Supplier Of The Week: Temahome

Temahome are our Supplier Of The Week, 28 March - 3 April 2016.

With over three decades of experience Temahome offer contemporary designs at very reasonable prices. The style you can expect to see is a mix of Portuguese and Nordic influences resulting in clean lines and practical solutions, all with a relaxed feel.


Can you start us with the philosophy of Temahome? 

Temahome is a Portuguese furniture brand based on the principles of modern design with the goal of providing an innovative lifestyle to customers by offering complete furniture solutions. The development and production of Temahome’s collections takes place at the company’s own factory, located in the city of Tomar.

Temahome has a deep connection with Tomar, the last of the Templar cities to be built, its streets flowing from the walls of the Convento de Cristo, one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Surrounded by history and beauty, Temahome creates design from passion and builds proudly on its roots, staying true to its identity as a way to face a world in constant change.


You offer great design for very reasonable prices. How do you do this?

Our positioning is something we are very proud of. We manage to offer these ideal relationships between design, price and quality, because we value our in-house assets and take full advantage of our strengths.

Our factory balances automated processes with highly skilled craftsmanship, both of which are subjected to a rigorous quality control that ensures the maximum possible output of perfectly engineered products and minimal wastage.


Wood features predominately throughout the range. Does the material hold a specific value to the brand?

At Temahome we always try to present the market with the most fitting collections. Veneered furniture is definitely one of our strengths and we have explored that since the beginning. We strongly believe that the use of natural wood is valued by our clients and with our finish options we aim to offer the most appealing combinations of natural wood and lacquered items.


What exciting insight may people not commonly know about Portuguese design?

Portuguese people love design and have particularly good taste, which we believe gives a good impulse to the designers and its creations. We currently have a lot of emerging designers and many international conferences, exhibitions and stores/spaces dedicated to the theme. Portugal itself is a great inspiration.


What can we expect to see in 2016?

In the year of our 35th anniversary, Temahome is looking further ahead while setting new goals for the future, with a brand new image, new collections, products, finishes and even some new concepts. We have great expectations for this year and the next.

We will launch our new catalogue in a few months and next month we will be present at The Salone del Mobile in Milan with a really interesting space.


Finally, why does design matter to you?

Design is what best defines our brand, and in the end it is what we sell.

At TemaHome we are lucky to say we work with passionate people, willing to go the extra mile to present you the best designs. Our design team is a young, fun and talented group of energetic and positive people, deeply engaged with the success of Temahome. Our design team's creations are the best thing we can offer you, translated into simple, comfortable and timeless objects for your home and your life.

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