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Supplier Of The Week: Slamp

Slamp is our Supplier Of The Week, 25 April – 1 May 2016.

Slamp are an Italian lighting brand working with high profile designers and innovative materials to create original and exclusive, high quality designs. They recently launched new products in Milan, including Aria Gold by Zaha Hadid.

We spoke with the team at Slamp to find out more.


How and why did Slamp evolve?

Slamp was established in 1994 with the aim of creating something completely new in the Italian design arena: a business that could offer high quality lamps, where the artisan’s eye for detail would meet the excellence of industrial production. Since then, Slamp’s evolution has never stopped, and today we are recognized as one of the most representative brand names in the field of Italian decorative designer lighting. The success of Slamp is all in its DNA, based on a curiosity of experimentation with new materials and trust in one’s instinct, but always utilizing futuristic engineering solutions.


You work with very high profile designers as well as develop products of your own in-house - can you tell us more about these collaborations? 

All our products are made with patented and innovative materials that make our range unique and immediately recognisable. Through a unique and interesting handmade production process, two-dimensional, patented materials are transformed into three-dimensional shapes. We have no boundaries in terms of forms, and this continues to attract a lot of professionals, including some of the greatest international designers, such as Mendini, Robert Wilson, Zaha Hadid, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Nigel Coates, Elisa Giovannoni and Zanini de Zanine. A perfect marriage between inspiration from the great masters and our passion is what guides the young designers of the Slamp Creative Team beyond the limits and can be seen time and time again.


What is one of your latest materials?

One of our new collections, “Dimple”, features a material that required over 15 months of research. The cold-modelling process is environmentally friendly, and produces a metallized-ombre effect that is not currently available on the market. Our insistence towards innovation is also driven by our company culture, which values sustainability.


Tell us a little about your new collections…

Our new collections are the expression of original and experimental design. Among others, we discover the never-before-seen lavish and lustrous expression of design that defines Zaha Hadid’s Aria collection. Fifty fluid and dynamic gold layers radiate around an LED source, bringing the visionary archistar’s architectural features to any interior. Hanami, inspired by the traditional Japanese ceremony of observing and delighting in cherry blossoms, features hand-folded shapes that together, obtaining a versatile, luxurious and subtly coloured bouquet. And finally, the previously-mentioned Dimple, an original and minimalist collection that pairs the rigour of design with the multifaceted expressions of light.

Slamp Lighting designs

What was your highlight for Milan Design Week?

Slamp took part at the Milan Design Week with a dedicated space at Wallpaper Handmade Arcade, for the lauch of “La Traviata” by Robert Wilson. The American experimental theater stage director has been described by the NYT as the world’s foremost avant-garde theater artist. La Traviata is more a lighting sculpture than a lamp. It is an imaginary scene that surrounds the observer, allowing them to fully perceive and therefore, contemplate, their surroundings. It is architecture, light, poetry, dance and movement: a complete work of art.

The Slamp on-stage dinner

What can we expect to see from Slamp in 2016/17?

We named our 2016/2017 catalogue“Daring to Decorate”; audacious decoration and ornamentation has come back in force, and has already been seen through many of the design fields. We have a myriad of amazing projects in progress that will carry you on a journey of colours, geometry and special effects while exploring the borders between figurative, visual and architectonic arts. We are always redefining the value of our patented material as well as our product’s execution. Because what matters to Slamp is to constantly exceed our own expectations. Always.


What are other ways your team manifests their shared passion for design?

“Design is not a profession. It is a mentality. There is design in the organisation of emotive experiences, in family life, in work relationships, in the cooperation between human beings. The desire to work on designing life, in this sense, is one of Slamp’s objectives”.

These concise and specific words, written by a young Business Communications graduate for her thesis, “Storie d’impresa: SLAMP, the leading light”, capture the exact reason why we decided to design The Moodboarders Magazine over a year ago. The Moodboarders Magazine takes a look into the vast, varied and often unconventional world of design in all of its facets, giving an on-line, bi-weekly report on the most innovative and interesting design projects, often before others can get their hands on the news. It serves as a natural extension of Slamp’s cultural and creative turmoil, which fuels the creative team.



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