Sarah Christensen Design - Furniture

Supplier of the Week: Sarah Christensen Design

Sarah Christensen Design is our Supplier of the Week 8 – 14 August.

Sarah is one of our many talented craftspeople available on eporta, creating her unique style of contemporary furniture with a sculptural twist. We first met Sarah a year ago and she has since been creating a buzz with her pieces that feature bright pops of colour, including a new range recently showcased at New Designers, One Year On.


What’s the story behind Sarah Christensen Design?

I, Sarah Christensen, am a designer who emerged from the contemporary art scene, following training in Fine Art from the University of the Creative Arts in Canterbury. I then went on to study Furniture Design and Making at Robinson House Studio alongside the likes of Marc Fish.

Sarah Christensen Design - Furniture

Combining this background with being intrigued by the things around us, I use a multi-stranded approach to explore this by designing and making. The outcome is often surprising. My furniture doesn't always feel as expected, or isn't always as it seems from the outside. It is there to be used and discovered.

Chair For Reading - Sarah Christensen Design

Live edge detailing on the Chair For Reading is just one example of Sarah's exploration of unique material qualities through making


What makes your products special?

All of my products can be customised to suit their intended environment. There's always a variety of timbers and colours to choose from, as well as being able to make them to specific dimensions.

I also make all of my products at my workshop in the Cotswolds.

A Chair For Reading - Sarah Christensen Design

A Chair For Reading - This armchair features one live edge arm, highlighting the beauty of the raw wood, as well as slatted back

A Chair For Reading - Orange - Sarah Christensen Design

A Chair For Reading - This armchair features one live edge arm, highlighting the beauty of the raw wood, as well as slatted back

The FOYA Sideboard - Sarah Christensen Design

The FOYA Sideboard combines fumed oak with bright yellow acrylic

What is your preferred material to work with and why?

I am really interested in material science and the potential to incorporate new materials into furniture making. My favourite material is probably a book on materials!

Straight Edge Side Table / Stoo - Sarah Christensen Design

Acrylic and solid wood is combined on the Straight Edge Side Table / Stool. The colours and timbers can be customised as well as dimensions.

Close up of detailing on the FOYA sideboard - Sarah Christensen

Close up of detailing on the FOYA sideboard - the acrylic is used alongside the wood to create a bright burst of colour, designed to intrigue the user as to the contents.

Your latest products all feature bold pops of colour, what was the influence behind this?

The use of colour in my latest range of furniture is really an exploration into making colour the main design feature. I have used simple forms, but the end result is more than just a brown square or rectangle. I think it's interesting that such a small detail can elevate something so dramatically.

VA is a customisable storage unit - Sarah Christensen Design

VA is a customisable storage unit, combining as many units and colour ways as required to create a vibrant storage space.

What can we expect to see in the coming year?

The next pieces to leave the workshop will be a Champagne Cabinet and a Watch Box to house an impressive collection. For these projects I'm working with timber, perspex and metal.


Finally, tell us about the last time you found a place / object / experience really inspiring? 

For inspiration I love spending a day visiting galleries and I'm particularly drawn to minimalist sculpture. A day spent looking at form that doesn't have to function is a great way to gather my thoughts before starting a new design.


To open a trade account with Sarah Christensen Design and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue.

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