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Supplier of the Week: rform

rform are our Supplier of the Week; 13 – 19 June.

Designed in Belgium, the rform range is focussed on creating sustainable designs with a pop of colour. The playful designs have the ability to be fully customised both at the initial purchase, and also later on if and when the surrounding environment and desired look changes.

We caught up with the team this week to find out more.


How did rform start out?

rform as a brand was created by Randy Feys who has a background in industrial engineering. With a strong passion for design furniture, Randy realised that there was room for furniture that caters to individuals with high-design sensitivities and high demands for quality, while being family friendly and affordable at the same time. As a result, rform's furniture is characterised by architecturally inspired angles, warm tones of wood with splashes of colour and being produced with state-of-the-art production techniques to keep price low and quality high.


How would you define Belgian design?

Belgian design is characterised by featuring clean lines and the use of natural materials with a high standard finish.


How do you manage your product’s influence on the environment?

rform is deeply invested in applying the sustainability principle to all its furniture.

• The furniture is made of birch plywood, sourced from certified, sustainably managed forests in Scandinavia

• For the production process, state-of-the-art production techniques are being employed that minimise waste and ensure a prolonged life-cycle of the furniture

• Natural oil is used to seal the pores of any natural wood surfaces

• The furniture is exclusively shipped in flat packs, minimising space requirement during shipping

• High-quality recycled cardboard protects the furniture (no plastic or foam)

• Even the tape used for the packaging is eco friendly!


How do your products adapt to changing surroundings and tastes?

The furniture of rform is available in many colours and it is modular. Taking rform's "Switch Bench" range as an example, ten different colours are available and there are various designs for the legs.

rform switch bench red
rform benches

When surroundings or taste should change, the colour and/or design of the legs can simply be changed. So the benches are essentially endlessly customisable. Changing colours when desired can be done to all of rform's furniture.

Taking the "Slim Touch Bench" as another example, it comes with three 100% wool felt layers for the seating surface.

rform benches

The three felt layers can be freely selected from six available colours when ordering. The three felt layer colours can then be swapped around to fit changing surroundings. Further felt layer colours can be ordered separately to allow even more colour combinations to adapt to changing moods.


Where have your products recently been used?

Within a home, rform's furniture is used in the living room, kitchen, hallway, bedroom and office. The products are multi-functional. The "Switch Table Small" for example was recently being integrated into a major renovation project of a high-end apartment in Brooklyn, New York. The furniture is equally being used within a "professional" context. Recent projects included a school in the US being equipped with "Switch Tables" (used as desks) as well as an up-market cocktail bar in Belgium and a start-up office in Germany being equipped with "Frame Sideboards".

rform benches
rform sideboard

Something to leave us with that many may not know about rform?

All rform products feature a rform brand logo which is 3D printed and made of biodegradable matter.

rform bench
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