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Supplier of the Week: Puik Art

Puik Art are our Supplier of the Week; 27 June – 3 July.

Puik Art, meaning "Great Art", is a Dutch design collective founded by Freek Claessen and Daan Gescher. It all started with one candle, discovered at the Design Academy in Eindhoven's graduation show, when the pair decided that there was work to be done to launch young designer's creations.

We spoke with co-founder Freek Claessen to find out more.

How did Puik Art start out?

Puik Art was founded four years ago by Daan Gescher and Me. We noticed that young Dutch product designers make a lot of great designs but it is very difficult for them to really bring a product into the market. The investments, production, marketing and sales are barriers for the young talents and that’s where Puik Art helps them. We started with just one product which thankfully was a big success, and has allowed us to expand to 25 products now.

Where and how do you find your up & coming designers?

In the beginning we found them through social media and than asked them if they would like to work with us. At the moment we receive a lot of requests because Puik Art is becoming more well known by the younger talents. We're lucky that we have a lot of great designs to choose from so we can select the right ones. 

Puik Art accessories

What is the impact of your collective and the collaborative work on your designs?

Our goal is to champion distinctive, functional and minimalistic design, and with these designs, become the biggest Dutch design label between now and the next 5 years. Working with the best designers of the new generation, we see designs from many perspectives which helps us to achieve this goal. 

What was the latest project your work was used in?

We sell our products mostly to stores. People can find our products in around 400 stores around the world. One of the best new stores lately are The MOMA museums in New York and San Fransisco who bought our work. This was sign for us that we are working in the right way. Lately there are also more and more architects who find us and use our products into their projects. 

What can we expect to see in 2016/17?

In September 2016 we will introduce 7 new products into the collection. We will show these at Maison et Objet, Top-drawer London and Tendence Germany. Puik Art will bring more small furniture like a small cabinet and a new side table. Off course we also bring some great new accessories. 

Puik Art stool

What do people not know about Puik Art? 

We started 4 years ago without any money. We worked in a bar to earn money to produce our first product. From there we grow organically. We are proud that we built our company without investors or any money from family or friends. This says something about our perseverance to become the biggest design label of the Netherlands over the next 5 years and eventually become one of the biggest players in the world for design. 

To open a trade account with Puik Art and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue.

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