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Supplier of the Week: NORR11

NORR11 are our Supplier of the Week; 23 - 29 May.

The Danish furniture and accessories brand produce designs reflecting the Danish Modern movement, along with influences from Asia, America and the Bauhaus. Using natural and honest materials, their designs are efficiently priced, without compromising quality.

We spoke with the team to find out more.

Where does the inspiration for your product range come from?

NORR11’s furniture reflects a heritage stemming from the Danish Modern movement of the mid- 1900s: clean, pure lines, naturalness and excellent craftsmanship. NORR11’s furniture is timeless. Although rooted in Scandinavia, the designers draw influence from cultures around the world: the Chinese Ming Dynasty, rough South Asian expressions, the American Shaker style of the 1800s, and Bauhaus style, to name a few. NORR11’s designers also draw inspiration from the materials themselves, focusing on the pureness of woods and excellence of joinery.

Knut Bendik Humlevik from Norway and Rune Krøjgaard from Denmark are NORR11’s main designers, and were both educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen.


What may someone not commonly know about Norr11 products?

Our design process is purposely planned to be very loose and playful which opens up for creativity and playing with exclusive materials. The Line Lamp is a very good example of this: Our designer has used highly exclusive materials such as marble, brass and aluminium, but have hidden the exclusivity of the products and made the lamp appear very raw to capture a different expression than usually used with these products.

NORR11 -Line One lamp

You offer great products and at fantastic prices - can you tell us what allows Norr11 to achieve this?

The main reason why NORR11 was started was because we saw a gap in the design furniture market: If you look at the price gap between the mainstream design furniture to the more exclusive design furniture houses you will be astonished to see how big it actually is. From the beginning, we wanted to offer well designed furniture which didn't compromise on the quality and was able reach affordable prices.

The Langue Chair is a very good example on how we are able to keep our prices at a minimum: the shells are produced in England, the legs are German beech wood. Both are sent to Poland where the chair is assembled and where we can upholster the chair if needed. In other words: we have outsourced our production to companies who are experts in delivering high quality products at affordable prices.

Norr11 - Langue Original Dining Chairs

You spoke about using expert companies. What innovative manufacturing methods do you use? 

One of our best examples is the Mammoth Chair: The Mammoth Chair is a modern winged armchair, with the seat and back formed via compression molding. The specific technique used for cutting this form gives this chair its signature. Using a simplified production method, with a focus on creating a clean and minimalistic chair, the Mammoth is both iconic and a comfortable piece of furniture.

NORR11 - Mammoth Chair and Ottoman

Mammoth Chair and Ottoman


What can we expect to see in 2016/17?

That we reaffirm our position on the European market. Further to this we have some great new products lined up that we are excited to present!


NORR11 are exhibiting during Clerkenwell Design Week at Icon's House of Culture. You can find them on the main stage, stand 1, 24-26th May 2016.


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