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Supplier of the Week: Jo Littlefair London

Jo Littlefair London is our Supplier of the Week, 26 September - 2 October.

Collecting insights from her internationally acclaimed interior design studio, Goddard Littlefair, Jo established her design studio Jo Littlefair London in 2015 to offer a well curated and designed selection of luxury furniture and accessories.

Having put on a spectacular show at Decorex, with lots of new product launches, we spoke with the team to find out more about these new collections.

What’s the story behind Jo Littlefair London?

Jo Littlefair

Jo Littlefair

Redefining luxury for the modern market, Jo Littlefair London was established in 2015 to create and curate the very best in luxury furniture and accessories. Appealing to private clients, interior designers and decorators, the collection embodies a feminine elegance, features exquisite detailing and speaks the rich language of layered luxury.

Design, for Jo, is both aesthetic and purposeful. Each piece in the collection is an embodiment of this combination - elegant, yet comfortable; considered and versatile, aesthetically-pleasing and ergonomic. As the collection evolves from concept to creation, Jo’s educated and experienced eye creates true functionality for each piece, together with the ability to interact with spatial design and the potential to satisfy clear gaps in the marketplace.

What defines your products?

With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Jo understands the demands and expectations of the design industry and it is with this in mind that the collection has developed. Each piece is expertly designed from concept to finished product by Jo Littlefair, with an unparalleled level of detail, designed and finished by hand. However, it is in the versatility that can both inspire the client and compliment their vision that the Jo Littlefair London collection really stands out.

Jo works with the products from concept to finish
Jo works with the products from concept to finish

‘It’s about pieces that embody luxury, with a certain solidity and presence’, Jo says, ‘but which are also flexible, complement other pieces and work in a variety of spaces and at a variety of scales.’


You recently launched a stunning collection of UK made accessories at Decorex. What was the idea behind this and how are they made? 

The Dipped collection was borne out of a desire to return to and focus on the processes of making, highlighting the intimacy between the maker and the material. Glass sculptures, delicate ceramic pots, scorched timber vessels and screen-printed alpaca wool throws, adorned with gold or copper detail, form the unique pieces in the new Dipped collection. Crafted by skilled UK artisans, each of whom was personally selected by Jo for their mastery of traditional techniques, each piece in the collection is a unique iteration of its form – and each with its own story to tell.

Jo Littlewood London - The Pinch Pots are part of the new Dipped collection, made by UK artisans

The Pinch Pots are part of the new Dipped collection, made by UK artisans.

Dipped, carved, scorched or coiled by skilled hands,’ says Jo, ‘our new accessories collection sees thoughtful design meet the simple elegance of traditional craftsmanship. In our fast-paced, technological world, I wanted to return to these organic processes, translating them for the modern luxury market.’


How does Jo's exceptional interior design experience feed into the products?

Each piece fulfils a gap in the market that Jo has identified through her extensive experience in the industry. Having worked in central London, Jo has developed an understanding of the proportions and style of furniture pieces that integrate seamlessly into modern luxurious interiors whilst complementing the more traditional schemes. Every furniture piece is individually designed for the optimum size and shape to have its own individual presence without dominating the space or the design scheme.

This is also an aspect that inspired the Dipped accessories collection; it is becoming increasingly difficult to sources exquisitely designed accessories that are both unique and complimentary to a modern luxury design scheme. Jo has designed pieces that fulfil this demand and then engaged skilled artisans to create the collection, creating a unique touchpoint for a scheme and a story for the client to tell.

Jo Littlewood London - Dipped Vases are designed with an optimum shape and size to stand out without being dominating

The Dipped Vases are designed with an optimum shape and size to stand out without being dominating.

Are there any distinguishing trends you have seen recently? 

There is a strong focus in the design industry, in both fashion and interiors, that focuses on handmade and crafted pieces. Everyone is bombarded with digital forms on a minutely basis that the three dimensional and tactile worlds seem very exclusive and enliven the senses. This is why we feel the handcrafted element running throughout the range is so appealing and resonates profoundly with a world where process has overrun craftsmanship.


What projects have your designs been used recently? 

Glass and ceramic pieces from our accessories collection Dipped have been used in a modern luxury residential development, South Bank Tower, throughout the 3-bedroom apartment. We also provided a 16-piece furniture package for a private residence in Whitehall, which included the Warwick bedside table, the Saunton cabinet, the Berwick desk and the Greville chaise.

Jo Littlewood London - Pinch Pots from the new collection can be seen accessorising the space

Pinch Pots from the new collection can be seen accessorising the space.

Jo Littlewood London - The Warwick bedside table

The Warwick bedside table

We’ve just had the new Dipped collection – what’s next on the horizon?

Jo Littlefair often takes inspiration from her travels, in both the UK and further afield. A new collection of furniture pieces is in the pipeline taking inspiration from Jo’s travels; recent trips being South Africa, Miami and Devon, so watch this space.


To open a trade account with Jo Littlefair London and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue below, and then ‘request a connection’:

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