FunkyDoris Pillow and Blanket

Supplier of the Week: FunkyDoris

FunkyDoris is our Supplier Of The Week, 9 – 15 May 2016.

This young and increasingly popular Norwegian brand create home textiles and accessories  with a vintage twist. Run by two experienced designers, Grethe Bjørk and Tove Trydal, the produce products with the aim to make you smile.

We spoke with Tove to find out more...

New products - tell us more…

For this season we introduce a new line of playful designs in our range of supersoft knitted cushions and throws. We have mixed pastels colours and geometrical shapes that adds a vintage twist. We have also developed a brand new line of kitchen towels and aprons in a lux jacquard woven quality. These products should give any kitchen a nostalgic facelift.

FunkyDoris Pillow, Blanket, Tea Towel

What does a Norwegian style mean to you? 

I think the Norwegian style represents clean lines and simple aesthetics along with something robust and durable. Our rich culture of embroidery and folk art adds interest and colour. I think the modern Norwegian style is a bit bolder than the rest of Scandinavia.


Your designs are often brightly coloured, or mix colours within the patterns - why this use of colour?

We think colour adds a vitamin boost to any home - and hopefully makes your home an inviting and happy place to be.

FunkyDoris Designs

Clockwise from left: Oskar Knit PillowsDraapen PendantDon Knit Pillow; Don Knit BlanketLydia Teak Candleholders

What do people not often know about your process? 

One important and fun thing about being a very small and creative company (with no money to spend on expertise) is that we get to do everything. With our backgrounds in textile design we had to challenge ourselves into designing all the graphic elements. The name, logo, all tags and labelling, even all the text. Most of the time it has been really fun – but of course with a steep learning curve. There have been times when we desperately were missing expertise in the different fields of marketing, PR, but most of all sales. I think many designers will feel they are terrible sellers – so that's why we love to work with eporta. The digitally marketed place is so much easier for us to master.


You talk about the emotional value of your products - why is it important that your products make people smile?

Isn`t that just the best thing, I mean if we design merely decorative objects with no real function – at least we have to try to make people smile.


You broke into the market in 2013 with yourself, Grethe, a retro caravan and your products. How has FunkyDoris changed since and what advice would you give to a designer trying to get themselves noticed? 

In regards to getting noticed, the vintage caravan has given us a lot of fun and good PR. And of course, the caravan was a brilliant way of transporting all or products to the trade shows we visited in the beginning. Since 2013 we have developed our style, and today we focus even more on long lasting design and sustainable quality. We are constantly working to introduce new designs and quality, all with the same vintage vibe that we strive to achieve in all our products. I think the best advice is to belive in yourself, and find out what is unique with your products. When you know - you just have to find a way to play it out loud.



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