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Supplier of the week: Beynon


Beynon are our Supplier Of The Week, 14-18 March 2016.

Founded by graphic designer Richard Davies and industrial-design specialist Keinton Butler, Beynon picks up where the modular furniture systems of the 1950s left off – an open, solid and accessible system that’s driven by idealism and built to last.

We caught up with the founders to discover more about this fantastic new brand and why everyone thinks they are ones to watch...


How and why did you decide to launch Beynon? 

Beynon was founded with the aim of providing a completely integrated, heirloom-quality, modular furniture system that could be expanded and reconfigured over time. The Beynon range is the result of an exhaustive period of product development in which we explored materials, finishes and production techniques alongside some of the UK’s leading craftsmen. Our first collection perfectly encapsulates our ethos and acts as the foundation for future expansion.


You say you've picked up modular furniture systems where the 1950s left off. What have you taken from the '50s and what have you added?

We've taken the idealism. We want something functional and useful for our client's lives whilst being beautiful and using the latest production techniques. What we've added is a more open and long lasting system. Modular furniture of the 1950's were "closed systems" and had limitations, we want ours to keep expanding with different finishes and elements. Beynon will always be growing and evolving.

Beynon designs

Your modular connection system is designed to be tool free, can you tell us more?

We use bespoke brass screws and solid wood pins which only require a coin to tighten or loosen. Our height adjusting feet can be put in by hand. We wanted Beynon to be plug and play in terms of assembly.


How and where are your products made?

Beynon’s core range is made from European oak and is expertly constructed from solid oak and oak veneer, with either a white oiled or matt lacquered finish. Our range is manufactured in Europe using advanced production techniques and state of the art CNC machinery. Each Beynon unit is made to order and hand finished by our FSC-certified production partner. We source our wood from verified sustainable sources and all our timber meets EUTR regulations.


What is the most valuable thing you've learnt since launching Beynon in 2015?

A lot of people wanted us to concede on price, quality or the idea when we were prototyping. We pretty much ignored them all! We were inflexible and single minded in what we wanted Beynon to be. Perseverance and being guided by a vision were our most useful tools in developing Beynon. Now that our first collection is in production it was all worth while.

Beynon manufacturing

What is ahead in 2016?
Expanding the range and developing new additional elements to the collection. Collaborations are also something we're keen to pursue.


#designmatters to Beynon because...
To us design is a modest pursuit for the most functional and beautiful items we can make. We also believe it's an opportunity to address the flat pack and disposable culture of the furniture industry today.

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