Manufacturing in Birmingham

Supplier of the Week: Bert Frank

Bert Frank is our Supplier of the Week;  18 – 24 July.

Synonymous with luxury design, award-winning practice, Bert Frank, offers lighting that is designed to age and last with the user. Whether you want the lamp to tell a tale through its age spots, or keep it shining like day one, the team believe in longevity and have designed their products and aftercare to support this.

We spoke with Co-Founder Robbie to find out more.


What’s the story behind Bert Frank?

Bert Frank was set up in 2013 by myself (Robbie Llewellyn) & Adam Yeats, we wanted to produce lights with influences that we loved from the mid-century but with the manufacturing standards of today's luxury markets and capabilities.

Bert Frank designs

Kernel Table Lamp

What makes your products special?

We design and build every light the way we would want it if it was going in our own home. More often than not this means that large proportions of our lamps are machined from solid brass & weigh a tonne, but if that’s the only way to get the crisp edge or a sturdy feel we are after then anything else seems a bit of a let down. We don’t like to compromise and therefore what is produced should last a lifetime.

The lights are machined from a solid block of brass
The lights are machined from a solid block of brass

How and where are your products manufactured?

We have a factory in Birmingham that does all of the metalwork finishing & assembly. We use some very ‘old-school’ manufacturing techniques that require some very highly skilled craftsmen, but also some cutting-edge machining, so it's a very interesting balance.

Manufacturing in Birmingham
Manufacturing in Birmingham

What’s the most important part of your process?

I (Robbie) would always say the concept is the most crucial part of the process, Adam would say it’s the way you put a concept into production. The truth is one is always going to be sub-par without the other - I suppose that is what makes us work so well together.

Bert Frank designs

Your products are designed to last and age with the user. Why is concept important and how do you achieve it? 

I used to spend a lot of time around antique / vintage lighting that had obviously lasted a very long time. I always loved the idea that a desk lamp could move through life with you, even eventually end up in an antiques shop and start the whole journey again.

Unfortunately with the way a lot of things are made these days that does not happen very often now, so it was important for us to achieve. If you are spending a reasonable amount of money on something that you really desire, I think you deserve for it to be made well and last.

It is really not very difficult to achieve, you just don’t cut “cost-saving” corners and instead make things properly – we also love to produce things machined from solid lumps of brass so I guess that helps!

Bert Frank lamp

Shear Floor Lamp

Where have your lights been used recently?

One of my favourite recent projects was Maple & Ash – a great restaurant in Chicago; the mood of the restaurant and bar just seem to match our style perfectly.

Bert Frank Designs - Maple and Ash bar, Chicago

Revolve Table Lamps situated on the bar of Maple & Ash, Chicago


What can we expect to see in the coming year?

We have 6 new ranges being released this year at Maison&Objet & Decorex including my favourite, the Stasis Table Lamp:

Bert Frank Lamp

Preview of the Stasis Table Lamp


To open a trade account with Bert Frank and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue.

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