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Supplier of the Week: Assemblyroom

Assemblyroom are our Supplier of the Week; 30 May – 5 June.

Designed in London, and made in Britain, the Assemblyroom range is focussed on the contract market, creating pieces with a reputation for high quality manufacturing and comfort.

Assemblyroom began in 2010 to compliment Peter and Cathy Wall's award winning Commercial Interior Design practise. Using their knowledge and experience of the market they produce informed and inspired designs which are refined and built to last.

We spoke with Co-founder and Director Peter Wall to find out more.

What led you to set up Assemblyroom? 

Following a number of years working for commercial interior and architectural practices, the natural progression was for us to set up Assemblyroom. Armed with our knowledge of commercial spaces and differing working styles, we decided to develop a range of products that would suit the flexible nature of today’s environments that could be manufactured here in the UK.

Finsbury Armchair and Quayside Pendant Lamps - Assemblyroom

You make all of your furniture to order, what benefits does this give your clients?

Most of our products are made to order which gives our clients the ability to specify the colours and finishes they wish to suit their scheme. The Hyde Stacking Stools and Bench, for example, can be upholstered in a range of fabrics and can be single or dual colour.

Hyde Stacking tool - Assemblyroom

Is there a particular style you've seen of late in the contract market?

A style that is currently evident is the trend for eclectic spaces with a multitude of different products being assembled together. It seems that, with our new technology savvy work force and changing working patterns, the boundaries between work and lifestyle are being blurred.

Assemblyroom Designs - Deloitte, London
Assemblyroom designs - Deloitte, London

What was the latest project your work was used in? 

Our products were recently used by Canal Plus TV in France & Unite Student Union Accommodation in the UK.


What can we expect to see in 2016/17? 

We’re currently working on a number of new and exciting ideas which will involve collaboration as well as the use of new manufacturing processes, which would be a departure from the more traditional upholstery process.

We also have a new table design on the drawing board…!


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