Supplier of the Week: Abalon - Black night candles

Supplier of the Week: Abalon

Abalon is our Supplier of the Week, 3 – 9 October.

Started only a year ago, Abalon offers a beautiful collection of thoughtfully designed and sustainable candles. With some patterns planned and others as the result of experimentation, the nature of the work makes each piece truly unique, and results in plenty of attention.

We spoke with the artist behind it all, Ana, to find out more.

Where did the idea for Abalon come from?

Abalon is my AKA as an artist (it is a contraction of my real name and surname).

Abalon Porcelain started 1 year ago as a demand from friends, family and contacts asking if I was doing more of my wedding candles.

It started with the sunset S size,  a pot that I threw in November 2015, trying to make a present for my wedding guests that represented love. This was a translucent, porcelain shell candle, delicate but strong, ended with a gold lip, designed to represent the rings. The candles are designed so that you can clean them, refill them, reuse as a holder, plant pot or to put your little treasures in.

S, M, L sized Sunset Candles - Abalon

S, M, L sized Sunset Candles

What makes your products unique?

I´m basque, I love cooking and eating, and think cooks and ceramicist have lots in common. I have learnt from basque cuisine that only with the best ingredients will you have the best dishes.

That´s what makes it unique, I only guide nature to forms. It is simple, a natural beauty with a slow cook process (roughly 12 steps, and 4-5, or sometimes more firings, per piece), I´m don't believe I am, but aim to be the best in what I do, I love it, and work on it 7 days a week 24hs a day. If you control the processes you can live like this as I work during the day and my kiln works during the night.

Abalon Candle manufacturing

How are your products made?

All of the products are made by hand & care in my Art West studio in London along with the help of my team:

Abalon Candle making team

How does sustainability feature in your design, process & packaging? 

All GREEN. For me there´s no other way.

I have grown seeing plastic in our seas, rubbish in our montains, and therefore I can´t ignore reusing, recycling and being careful with the environment. I believe we have a responsibility with our planet.

Ceramics, is a Green material, the process is also clean, and the packaging I use is recycled carboard with no inks or glues. I´m happy with this.

Black Night candles are ready to be packaged up securely in their eco-friendly packaging

Black Night candles are ready to be packaged up securely in their eco-friendly packaging

Where have your candles been used recently?

My candles have recently been seen in Clerkenwell London, as well as across the London Design Festival and at Top Drawer. I am also excited that they will be on show with eporta and stocked at Petersham Nurseries very soon!

Abalon Candles showing in Paris

What's next on the horizon for Abalon? 

I´m alreading thinking in new forms, I will continue making candles, but am looking at other areas for porcelain and light such as shades and lamps. I've just launched the first of a lamp range.

The new 21 Sides Lamp - Abalon

The new 21 Sides Lamp.

I´m taking inspiration from nature (my last collection was about the universe) but this time by insects: by their cocoon. I'm intrigued by nature's own micro-worlds.


To open a trade account with Abalon and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue

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