Jellyfish Wallpaper Black - 17 Patterns

Supplier of the Week: 17 Patterns

17 Patterns is our Supplier of the Week 1 - 7 August.

The luxury wallpapers are created in collaboration between a number of artists in order to create exclusive designs that have a truly unique style. Manufactured in the UK, the wallpapers are all of a commercial grade.

We spoke with founder Nosca Northfield to discover more.


What’s the story behind 17 Patterns? 

I, Nosca, founded 17 Patterns to curate and produce luxury interior art products in collaboration with artists and interior specialists. I approached a network of artists with whom I had developed strong working relationships throughout my years in the art industry.

It is this strong creative relationship, with established and emerging artists that drives my passion for the brand. It’s a shared vision, where curation and collaboration are paramount. It’s about believing in the talent of artists and their work; commanding skills and developing ideas through experimentation. 17 Patterns debut wallpaper collection features the work of artists Paris, Christina K, and myself - Nosca Inc.

Founders of 17 Patterns

What makes your products special?

Our pattern designs are multi collaborative; we work in a very unique way which enables us to produce products that are not easily replicated. In the same way that an orchestra of musicians plays together, each owning their part, layering their distinctive tones together to create a composition with far more depth and beauty than if they just played their notes individually, our ‘ensemble’ at 17 Patterns brings the talent and individual strengths of each artist and their discipline into one vision - the pattern.


How and where are your products manufactured? 

Our products are produced in the UK, it’s important for us as a brand to support British manufacturing. We draw on past and present manufacturing technology to help us to deliver products with impeccable British quality.

Nosca Inc studio

What’s the most important part of your process? 

Experimentation. The idea of creating something without anything specific in mind other than the desire to create is a truly powerful thing. I believe these steps should never be discarded; elements should be revisited, merged and manipulated to produce something new. This type of development is achieved through a mutual trust and respect; artists need to feel comfortable with their work being reinvented. It is this unorthodox and often experimental approach to our design that enables me, 17 Patterns, its artists, and other industry collaborators to deliver unique interior patterns beyond their original art aesthetic.


Where have your designs been used recently?

West London interior design and decoration consultancy Violet & George recently demonstrated a stunning use of our wallpaper. Their installation of our Jellyfish Wallpaper creates a stunning wall-to-wall aquatic art paradise in this style-drenched bathroom. The patterns dark backdrop and vibrant flourishes of marine illustration in blue and peach are complemented beautifully by the use of brass fixtures and fittings.

Jellyfish Wallpaper Black - 17 Patterns

Jellyfish Wallpaper Black Photo: Ben Peter Catchpole


What can we expect to see in the coming year?

This week sees the launch of our first companion artworks with British contemporary artist Paris entitled ‘Forager Shrooms’.

Paris & Nosca Inc - Forager Shrooms.

Paris & Nosca Inc - Forager Shrooms. Photo: Ben Peter Catchpole

These original watercolours paintings are an extension of our Forager Collection. The original artworks are only available exclusively from 17patterns.

Continuing our collaborative journey, we are also currently working with a set of independent furniture, lighting and homeware designers to expand our brand range across a series of exciting new interior products.

These will be available via over the forthcoming months, so watch this space for further details.


Finally, tell us about the last time you found a place / object / experience really inspiring?

I’ve recently become obsessed with the Palace of Versailles. This unexpected fascination recently steamed from me watching the British-Franco-Canadian TV series – Versailles.

I’ve recently submerged myself in the history of Louis XIV, the palace and its gardens, the flamboyant palace interior. However, the most inspiring part of this experience is not a visual one, it is an audible one.

The title sequence to TV series – Versailles features a song by French electro artist M83. The song entitled ‘Outro’ is one of the most powerful musical compositions I’ve experienced in a while.

‘Creatures of my dreams, stand up and dance with me.’


To open a trade account with 17 Patterns and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue.

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