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Meet The Makers: Celebration Of Craftsmanship & Design

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design. The CCD main event is held every August in Cheltenham and this year, 3rd-7th May, a selection of 21 designer-makers from the show will be exhibiting at Craft Central, Clerkenwell, as part of London Craft Week.

London Craft Week

On Tuesday 3rd May CCD will be hosting a 'Meet the Maker' day at Craft Central, 12pm - 7pm, giving you the opportunity to meet the craftsmen and women behind the designs. eporta will be there too with tea and cakes, so do pop by and say hi!

We caught up with the Exhibition Director, Jason Heap, to give you a glimpse into the event:


How did CCD start out?

CCD was established in 1995 to highlight the many superb but under promoted small contemporary designer-maker furniture workshops who were, and still are, working across the UK to produce outstanding work. The exhibition has displayed around 300 brand new exhibits every August since then in the same beautiful neoclassical gallery in Cheltenham.

A sample of work to previously shown in Cheltenham:

Jason Heap Furniture – ‘Venus’ Table Lamp, Christine Meyer-Eaglestone – Dazzle IV, Marc Fish – ‘One Piece’ Console (Bronze), Sue Hyslop – Side Table, Waywood – Console Table
Jason Heap Furniture – ‘Venus’ Table Lamp, Christine Meyer-Eaglestone – Dazzle IV, Marc Fish – ‘One Piece’ Console (Bronze), Sue Hyslop – Side Table, Waywood – Console Table

What does a typical day look like in the run up to the event?

We’re very busy!  Despite the event’s exterior, it is in fact organised by myself and my wife, along with help from my parents and a couple of friends during the actual show. We don’t allocate exhibitor's a set space or shell scheme, instead allowing them to bring three pieces of furniture each and we then curate these over three long days (and usually nights!) into a flowing and coherent exhibition.

The quantity, quality and variety of the exhibits and their creators allows us to do this without having previously seen many of the pieces that will be displayed until they are delivered.  However, it also means there is a lot of furniture to move and place!


What can we expect to see from the CCD at Craft Central?

We are bringing a selection of 35 pieces from 21 workshops to Craft Central for London Craft Week.

We know that when people visit us in Cheltenham they leave happy and amazed at the variety and quality on display, often from workshops under their noses that they were unaware of. The space required to display this quantity of work in London is simply too costly for us and the makers that we represent, so rather than bringing the proverbial mountain, we’re bringing a mole hill to London!

We’re hopeful that this ‘sneak peek’ of this year’s exhibition will persuade a few visitors to plan a trip to the beautiful Cotswolds in August to be truly blown away!

A sample of work to be shown at Craft Central:

Anthony Gray – Stella Floor Lamp, Edward Johnson – Coffee Table 6, Robert Scott – Waiho Console Table
Anthony Gray – Stella Floor Lamp, Edward Johnson – Coffee Table 6, Robert Scott – Waiho Console Table

You're hosting a 'Meet the Maker' day - Tuesday 3rd May

This is the best opportunity to meet all of the exhibitors taking part in our SELECTION event and to foster relationships with them, discuss potential projects or commissions. Come along and meet the exhibitors in person; talk to the designer, the maker, the accounts department, the teaboy all at once and discover the passion, skill and dedication that you can harness for your next project. If you can’t make it on Tuesday however, myself and one or two makers will be at the event on the subsequent days and are happy to chat and help.


Where do you go to find the makers?

Our database includes workshops spread right across every county in the UK, including some of her Islands, as well as several in Ireland and further afield.  There is a selection process for anyone wishing to take part in our exhibitions which is based primarily around the quality of making and craftsmanship rather than the more subjective design, although this is also assessed.  This means that if you like their aesthetic style, we are able to recommend our exhibitors with confidence.


What should a buyer be looking for in a contemporary piece of furniture?

Whatever you want from it.  Whereas on the high street fashion and trend is everything, designer-makers can offer something unique and bespoke to you or your client’s needs.  Many of our exhibitors offer work that would not look out of place on the high street, yet are happy to adapt this aesthetic to suit, building in that treasured record player or working around that annoying quirk in the room.  Beyond that there are exhibitors with highly sculptural work that is both art and furniture or those with more rustic or unusual designs that have a wonderful charm yet can still work beautifully in a contemporary space.  Best of all, this often doesn’t have to cost the earth relative to high street prices!


What may someone not know about craftsmanship?

A lot is made of ‘buying British’ at the moment, CCD is the real deal!  In some cases, the maker can show you a picture of the tree that the piece you are looking at is made from.  They have been involved in its felling, conversion into planks, seasoning and drying it ready for use.  Finally, they work it using traditional skills and tools that have been honed over many years to a design that they have conceived and perfected.  Care, knowledge and attention to detail at every stage for outstanding results.


Finally, can you sum up CCD in 3 words?

Celebration, Craftsmanship, Design!

or….. Unique, Inspirational, Excellence.



We will be open to the public from 12 noon - 7pm daily with a 'Meet the Maker' day on Tuesday 3rd May when all of the exhibitors will be present to discuss their work. Please note, there will be no entry fee for this exhibtion.

CCD SELECTION will be held at Craft Central Gallery.  Craft Central is a unique charity working to maintain and promote fine craft and design skills in the heart of London's historic community of Clerkenwell.

The gallery is located at:

33-35 St John's Square


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