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Interview: Show Director, Will Knight, takes us through the Experience of 100% Design

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This year the theme of the show is Experience. We spoke to Show Director, Will Knight, to get the low down on some of the show highlights this year.

Will Knight


What are you most excited about at the show?

Just seeing the show being built, exhibitors and their range of product and of course the arrival of visitors on the opening day is a thrill. In particular this year’s live programming is really exciting, with the Design Museum guest curating the main talks programme. The talks present agenda setting keynotes from thought leaders in the industry including Ron Arad, Assemble co-founder Paloma Strelitz and Afroditi Krassa, as well as panel discussions exploring trends in contemporary practice and the future of design. We’ve worked with some great sponsors and suppliers and there are lots of surprises in store - from the staircase to the Central Bar, auditorium and new features such as the Design & Build bar designed by Studio Glowaka.

The Design Museum talks include Ron Arad, Asif Khan, Assemble co-founder Paloma Strelitz and Afroditi Krassa

The Design Museum talks include Ron Arad, Asif Khan, Assemble co-founder Paloma Strelitz and Afroditi Krassa.

Your theme for this year is Experience, why did you select this, and how will this impact the show?

The theme gives us a framework for content; the commissioning of designers to work on installations, but also to inform the talks programme and exhibitor presentations. Experience is deliberately wide in scope, but sensory and experiential calculations are an essential part of design for interiors and architectures. As exhibition organisers the visitor experience is always the key consideration, the theme this year will be brought to life through our installations and events, stimulating the senses and delivering a great show experience.

Experience 100% Design Event


Tell us about an experience you had recently that has inspired you?

I always enjoy travelling to see how different people and cultures take on exhibitions, design promotion and bringing ideas to life. This year I visited Art Basel for the first time; not everything was relevant but the production, promotion and visitor experience was really interesting. I take something from every show I visit, design focussed or not.


What's the best thing you've seen at a show this year?

If I had to boil it down to one thing it would be the general quality of work at New Designers this year. The presentations across the product and furniture design colleges was excellent and it made me reflect on the quality of both design eduction in the UK, and the output. We need to be very careful to support design eduction as part of the industry and we’re delighted to be working with Matthew Pope this year, who won the 100% Design New Designers award for his Addax modular sofa.

Matthew Pope's Addux Sofa at New Designers
Matthew Pope's Addux Sofa at New Designers

The Design Museum has relocated to Olympia,  how are you working with them for LDF?

This year’s LDF comes at a time when there isn’t a Design Museum to visit (the new museum opens up round the corner from Olympia 24 November) so they’re coming to stay at 100% Design through their curation of the talks programme. We’re working with the Design Museum now, and as we develop West Kensington together - the combination of the biggest cultural space for design alongside the UK’s biggest commercial design show is a really exciting one for London in September.


What for you would make 100% Design successful?

There are so many ways to measure success at a show like 100% Design, but for me its about developing and enhancing both the experience and outcomes from the show; good quality installations, relevant and useful content and of course lots of business secured for clients.

100% Design Event



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