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Norwegian brand FunkyDoris are ticking a lot of boxes at the moment, combining pared- back Scandinavian cool with pops of bright colour and retro influences. See them this London Design Festival at the eporta stand at Decorex and 100% Design. We sat down with FunkyDoris founder Tove Trydal to talk design, inspiration, and happy homes.

What inspires your work?  

We can find inspiration almost everywhere, on travels or at home.  Pinterest is perfect to use for color inspiration and to build mood boards. Our most enjoyable way of getting inspiration is to look at a bunch of old Mad Men episodes! The interior styling, the colours and the clothes are just perfect

Can you briefly talk me through your designing and making process? 

We normally start by making up some sketches and then we decide who does what in the designing process. Grethe is the expert on Illustrator, so she gets to do all the perfect drawings, while I usually do the colors and I prefer to work in Photoshop. When we are finished with the drawings, we order samples from our producers, then we make different adjustments before we decide to go ahead or not.  There are always products that we design that never make it into production.

What is your design philosophy? 

Well, we try to make design and colours that we ourselves like. We both have our heart in the Scandinavian design traditions. We try not to be trend-oriented, but simply make everyday design in long-lasting qualities.

Why do you think mid-century and Scandinavian design is so popular all across Europe right now? What’s the appeal? 

I think the mid-century era has a sense of nostalgia and optimism that appeals to us, and that the furniture and design have some everlasting qualities that never goes out of style.

Do you think that the internet has been a good or a bad thing for designers? 

I think there is a great potential in the internet. It can of course be quite overwhelming as the possibilities of communication and information gathering are tremendous, but it gives anybody the chance to explore and communicate – and to get in touch with potential buyers, suppliers or people you want to collaborate with. But to succeed on your own as a designer today, you have to handle the social media along with your design skills.

You only started your company in 2012, but you’ve both been designing since long before that. What advice would you give to a young designer who was just starting out? 

We started with a big portion of naivety. And I guess if we really knew of all the challenges, we would probably never have dared to start FunkyDoris. Being a designer as well as running your own company means that you have to do absolutely everything, at least in the beginning. So for the moment the designing is just a small part of our work life. We do everything, like designing labels and tags, writing all the text, handling our social media, selling to retailers, calculating and planning production, making catalogues, and planning and participating at different fairs.  So my best advice for any young designer is: if you really want it, just go for it. But you have to prepare for a lot of work although of course a lot of fun too. Working as an independent designer is a way of life. You`ll never get bored, but is does feels like your are on a rollercoaster from time to time.

Your products make me smile; your blanket seems to me the perfect item for a cold winter’s day because it warms you up and cheers you up as well. Do you believe that well-designed homeware can make us happier?

Actually we do think that well design objects make your home a little happier, and as designers we think you should only buy and surround yourself with things you love. Color work as a vitamin boost for any home, and we love to add a little happiness. Our aim is to make your home smile!

Why does design matter to you?  

Well-designed objects are both visually appealing and, most importantly, well functioning. A well- designed object will give you lots of joy and will last a lifetime.

To celebrate London Design Festival, we have a limited number of smile-making FunkyDoris blankets to give away with any order through eporta: more details here.

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