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We sat down with Jo Bound, the fine artist and fabric designer behind Boeme, to talk about her design process, British manufacturing, and why design matters to her.

You come from a fine art background. Do you feel like there’s a tension between what we might broadly call “art” and “craft”? 

I don't believe there is a tension: "craft can be art" and vice versa.

Your textile designs are developed from archival prints and your own fine art. Do you feel that your work is in some way a collaborative process? 

I'm now producing all my prints from my own fine art, as I believe this is the only way to maintain originality.

Can you briefly talk me through your designing and making process?

Firstly I spend a lot of time gathering inspiration prior to painting. This can be photography, researching different painting techniques by looking at source material: landscapes etc.

What is your design philosophy?

Philosophy on design is a huge subject. It's safer to say that my approach is extremely tenacious and intent on originality with a reverence for design provenance.

Your products are all made in England. Why is British manufacturing so important to you?

I'm very proud of the manufacture of my products being in the town I actually come from and I'm especially keen to support this.

How do you think British manufacturers can stay relevant in a global marketplace?

That's more like a title for a thesis! It has to play to it's strengths and take on the efficiency of other world players.

Your textiles are like a work of art in the form of homeware; they add something to a space the same way that a painting does. Do you believe that interior design changes the way we feel about the spaces we inhabit?

Yes completely, it's all about individuality and bringing your own personality into your home space. People are hugely affected by their surroundings and it does affect how we feel.

Why does design matter to you?

It's been my life blood for as long as I can remember and it constantly evolves.

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