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Interview: BigDesign

BigDesign Lighting

BigDesign may be a young brand, but they are already putting the spotlight on recycling and reuse within lighting design. We discussed their views on why design matters and what advice they can give to other designers in their position.

Can you briefly talk me through your background and your design philosophy?

I graduated in 2007 from the University of Architecture in Mantova, and in 2013 I created the brand ‘BigDesign’. Originality, simplicity and recycling are the main features of my lamps. The clean lines are an essential part of the design because, as the great master Mies van der Rohe said, LESS IS MORE. This is the philosophy of BigDesign.

Do you think that the internet has been a good or a bad thing for designers? Why?

For designers I think that knowledge is essential and the internet, when used properly, is knowledge! Knowledge on materials and manufacture is fundamental if you want to experience new objects. The internet can certainly facilitate finding this information.

You make a strong effort to be environmentally aware in your designing. Why is this important to you and your work?

We must not forget that the environment around us should be respected and honoured. We should be conscious of consumerism and waste; we have to try to invent something with objects that already exist. They will not be perfect and flawless as with new products, but, in my opinion, the very imperfections make each item unique and add value.

Your brand has only been running since 2013. What advice would you give to a young designer who was just starting out?

My brand is young and still has a lot ahead! It has not been an easy road or a comfortable one, but I never stopped believing in myself. One thing I can say to young designers is … BELIEVE, BELIEVE and always BELIEVE in your ideas and your dreams; never give up!

Why does design matter to you?

I've always been fascinated by light! It is an intangible entity, but can completely change the face of any environment that it meets. Even the most amorphous and crumbling landscape can become interesting and friendly by inserting a simple illumination, even an ordinary light bulb.

To keep the London Design Festival spirit alive a little longer, we have a limited number of BigDesign lamps to give away with any order through eporta: more details here.

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