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"There is never a dull moment in the lighting world." Avivo Lighting are passionate about creating beautiful and decorative lighting with a major focus on LED technology where possible. As part of our gift promotion interview series we found out about their views on, and relationship with, light.

Can you briefly talk me through your designing and making process?

We love the way hand crafted glass and crystal is produced, which is why it has been a big inspiration for a number of our collections. Also, a renovation of the 1930s, 1950s and 1960s style, whilst incorporating the latest LED technology, has always been our dream.

What it is that inspires you about these periods, and what features do you hope to include?

The main inspiration behind these periods is the way the styles have been developed into one another, without losing the original 1930s style. During the 1930s the popularity was hard cut finishes with intruding details on wall lights and chandeliers, as well as pendants, all featuring beautiful rounded and predominant shaping. 1950s styles were still similar, but the cuts were much softer and the process to add a curved finish into the materials had been developed. Finally, the 1960s were reached; the designs started to differ, becoming more interesting, eye-catching and exciting, but still encompassing a visible heritage. New designs were incorporated with the originals, creating something spectacular as a result.

What it is about hand crafted glass that you love?

The reason I am so attracted to the hand-blown glass is because of the way it is created. The time and detail taken when creating each individual bubble is amazing, especially when it comes to injecting the air bubbles into the glass. This is done by incredibly skilled experts; if too much air is pushed through it can create one huge impacting bubble on the inside of the glass which isn’t the style we are going for, we like to see multiple individual air bubbles in each glass orb.

What is your design philosophy?

Simple, natural and loving life.

You try to use LED technology where possible. Is this motivated by environmental reasons? Why does the environment matter in your design process?

Absolutely, yes. It is a great achievement if we can keep consumption as low as possible for us and our customers. With the lifetime of the LED lamps being higher and them being a lot more efficient it will help to the reduce energy costs throughout households etc. But that isn’t the only reason; the main factor being that LED lamps produce much lower emissions, thus assisting the actual environment.

Do you think that the internet has been a positive thing for designers? Why?

Of course, it has been a great technology. The internet links to the world in seconds and with one click you can have access to all information relating to the industry, with the added luxury of sitting behind a desk or in comfort. It has also helped with communication towards clients and suppliers. We find that public social media pages have been a great road to success by allowing us to send updates out to numerous people/companies in one go and also facilitates new links.

Why lighting? What is special about working with light?

Lighting makes life better. Working with lighting is incredibly enjoyable; the enthusiasm you gain when creating new designs and producing them, as well as the process throughout, is a complete delight. We also are keen to spread this enthusiasm to our customers, adding to their happiness when they receive the final piece. There is never a dull moment in the lighting world!

Your Bubbles range includes chandeliers made from glass orbs scattered with random air bubbles; nature and randomness becoming part of the contrived design and manufacturing process. Why does this randomness appeal to you? 

Randomness is a style we love. As great as traditional items are, it is always amazing to have something interesting and eye-catching. The Bubbles range really speaks for itself; it is always guaranteed to be a main attraction wherever it is situated.

You’re based in the UK. Can you tell us a bit about the UK design scene at the moment: what should we look out for, what’s exciting you at the moment?

The UK design scene at the moment has a very traditional, vintage/classical style. We have however started to see a trend that designers are moving away from this and more towards contemporary designs like the Italian and Scandinavian styles. The main excitement for us at the moment is that, due to this higher demand for contemporary lighting, we can bring through more contemporary styles to the UK market following our wealth of experience gained from working in Italy.

Why does design matter to you?

Design has always had a huge influence on me in the way that a simple idea can be turned into something real and spectacular; this completely fascinates me. There is such a satisfactory feeling when you know you have created something truly beautiful from the simplest of starts.

Until the end of October you have the chance to get the Grace lamp for free as part of our exclusive offer, or view their full catalogue here.

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