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The House That Decorex Built.

Decorex have pulled together an exceptional roster of design talent this year. Under the curatorship of architect John Allsopp, Design Encounter, or as we like to think of it as 'The House that Decorex built' is an immersive walkthrough of reimagined rooms within a residential property.

Acclaimed interior designers Natalia Miyar, Run for the Hills, Samantha Todhunter Design, These White Walls, Zachary Pulman and Sella Concept have created spaces each of their own. We asked John and the designers to explain their vision for Design Encounters with us.

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"Design Encounter is an example of Spatial Storytelling – combining architecture, interior design and experience design. It is a journey through the work of six interior designers, underpinned by a narrative sequence and tied together with an augmented reality experience. The goal though is for the three disciplines to work seamlessly together so that the overall experience feels as natural as possible, without any single element of it overpowering the other."

Natalia Miyar, Founder of Natalia Miyar Atelier.

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Natalia Miyar Atelier, the eponymous interior design studio is based in both London and Miami. With an international portfolio of luxury residential projects in locations including London, New York, Miami, St Moritz and Ibiza. With projects inspired by Natalia's love of materiality, space and balanced proportions, one-of-a-kind homes are created. The tell-tale signs of a Natalia Miyar Atelier project are a combination of texture, pattern and colour, resulting in a feeling of glamour and comfort.

Tell us a little about the space you are creating, and where your inspiration has come from?

My design concept is inspired by a dream-like interpretation of a dark, moody, very sexy bedroom. We will be using a striking palette of deep, inky colours with turquoise and teal highlights that have a dramatic feel while retaining the sense of a cocooning sanctuary. Soft, smooth fabrics will contrast with unexpected and extraordinary specialist finishes. Bespoke furniture pieces will be upholstered in sumptuous velvets, while tactile raffia and linen will adorn the walls.

Describe the space you’re designing in three words?

Glamorous, tactile, immersive.

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Anna Burles, Co-Founder of Run For The Hills.

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Award-winning design studio Run For The Hills was founded with the creative coming together of the established design practices of interior designer Anna Burles and her Artist and Graphic Designer husband Christopher Trotman. Known for their bold residential and hospitality designs, such as Kricket, seafood restaurant Claw and the Boutique Cinema, Bar & Café in Bath for Tivoli prove that Run for the Hills are a serious design force.

Tell us a little about the space you are creating, and where your inspiration has come from?

The studio's design concept is called 'Into the Wild'. We're creating the bedroom of a super stylish 5-year-old eco-warrior, an edgy and cool, fashion-forward mini person's space, with lashings of creativity and originality. They say it is the young, eco-crisis generation who will save the planet, pointing the finger at us and telling us to wake up and join their rebellion. We want to bring that story of hope to life within our room set.

Describe the space you’re designing in three words?

Urban-wonderland meets forest-folklore.

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Rose Murray, Founder of These White Walls.

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These White Walls is an award-winning, concept-driven design studio, founded in 2017 by Rose Murray. Taking a 'blank canvas' approach toward creativity, she explores how our individual and collective experiences can be redefined by the spaces we inhabit. The studio's practice is a synthesis of her background as a scenographer, stylist and designer. These White Walls launched their inaugural project last year, HIDE London, and are now designing projects in Italy, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Tell us a little about the space you are creating, and where your inspiration comes from? Our room is inspired by traditional drawing rooms, but we have played with the style and function of that definition and added our own twist. We have called it 'The Withdrawing Room' as a reminder to savour the sanctuary of our private spaces, to turn technology off and instead offer the imagination a space to expand. We have worked with decorative artisans, Pigmentti, to create a hand-crafted space. Our concept offers a counter-narrative to digitally-driven design methods by amplifying the importance of the applied arts within a space.

Describe the space you’re designing in three words?

Painterly, Tactile, Magic.

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Samantha Todhunter, Founder of Samantha Todhunter Design.

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Samantha Todhunter Design is famed for its effortless ability to create relaxed and informal schemes with dashes of glamour and luxe. The studio’s founder, Samantha Todhunter, began her career as a journalist and art director for Vogue Living Australia and her practised eye, expansive design knowledge and ability to balance a casually welcoming style with measured elegance led to her working as an Interior Designer, opening her own London practice in 2012. A signature Samantha Todhunter trait is mixing eclecticism, tradition and modernity together for a timeless design.

Tell us a little about the space you are creating, and where your inspiration comes from?

Our studio team are drawn to slightly unusual connections which blend as a whole, we love a clash of pattern and object, using this as the initial concept for our Design Encounter library. We have used a mixture of periods, textures and finishes from traditional grasscloth updated in soft pink, through to the classic x- frame go anywhere stool that has been given a witty twist upholstered in a leopard print velvet. Sleek glossy touches here and there, alongside a glimpse of brass and chinoiserie and lastly, the raw undertone of the graphic terrazzo floor tile which ties the story together

Describe the space you’re designing in three words?

A little glam, a little colour, a little wow.

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Zachary Pulman, Founder of Zachary Pulman Design Studio.

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Since founding Zachary Pulman Design Studio in 2007, Zachary Pulman has established himself as one of London's pre-eminent architectural designers known for his signature stealth luxe sensibility and consummate attention to detail. The studio boasts a client roster that includes The Institute of Competitive Socialising, Cifonelli as well as global giants Nike and PUMA. Along with the title of market leaders within the competitive socialising design arena.

Together with his expert team of architects, designers, engineers and construction specialists, his international practice takes a bespoke approach to each client's unique requirements.

Tell us a little about the space you are creating, and where your inspiration comes from?

With our Design Encounter space, we intend to add a sculptural dimension to the dining room concept. We joined forces with artists Divine Southgate-Smith and Bence Magyarlaki to create sculpturally-inspired furniture objects, fabricated by The Interior's House, that aim to poetically reinterpret the notions of human interaction and movement in space, in particular, a dining space. Each unit has one simple rule; All objects can be compacted into one whole unit and can be redistributed in the space in multiple compositions.

The contemporary art based pieces will be contrasted with a classical 3D arch design painted in a 2D format. Marc de Groot's Beehive Light, Fractal Light, and Raven Tiles – which can have a positive influence on the humidity of indoor environments and even stop the spread of household odours, further enhance the futuristic feel of the space.

Describe the space you’re designing in three words?

Futuristic, Dynamic, Eternal

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