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What's your favourite thing about being an interior designer?

Top interior designer's share the factors they predict will be affecting the industry in 2020.

Why do you love being a designer?

We have been asking this question since day one at eporta, and there are so many things that designers love about their job. The answers given in the interviews above, by the likes of Laura Hammett, Karen Howes and Maria Speake, are just a taster of what we've discovered.

It's the client relationship, so many have grown to become friends. Every client is different, and I love interpreting their brief to come up with a design unique to them. - Claire Gaskin

In fact, over 1/3rd of the designers we've asked believe that working with their clients is the best part of the job.

The role of an interior designer is a unique one combining imagination and tangibility, which is clearly noted by those we've interviewed, who relish in the opportunity to be creative every day, and the reality of bringing a design to life.

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Of course, the final project reveal scores highly too, the moment that you finish a project and you get to hand it over to your client and that reaction you get from them. Nearly 20% enjoy the continual discovery and variety that the job brings them, from exploring new suppliers to no two days being the same.

All in all, there is a lot to love about being an interior designer, find out how using eporta can give you more time to spend on the bits you enjoy.

With thanks to (in order of appearance)

Anna Burles- Founder of Run For The Hills, John Allsopp- Founder of John Allsopp, Harriet Forde- Founder of Harriet Forde Design, Nicolas Roux- Founder of Rive Gauche, Maria Speake- Founder of Retrouvius, Laura Hammett- Founder of Laura Hammett Interiors, Zachary Pulman- Founder of Zachary Pulman Design Studio, Karen Howes- Founder of Taylor Howes Designs and Irene Gunter- Founder of Gunter & Co Interiors.

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