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Eric Bloch: Leaving an imprint for generations to come.

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Every architect has their own story to tell. We sat down with Eric Bloch, Co-Founder of Zurich based architects Raumeinheit to discuss his.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company Raumeinheit?

I co-founded Raumeinheit with my classmate and friend Karl Wruck. We completed our master’s thesis together at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology where we'd focussed a lot on the theoretical, so we were both eager to start building right away. There are now four of us based in our central Zurich office. Given the location of which, we've come to specialise in historical renovations and conversions. Yet, we also enjoy undertaking landscape work too.

What made you become an Architect?

With architecture, you are given real-world problems that need to be solved in a graceful and aesthetically pleasing way. I like that it sits in the middle somewhere between art and science. It’s a combination of physics and mathematics, but also design and technology.

Living room by Raumeinheit in London

What is the best part of being an Architect?

Being able to maintain and restore the amazing built environment we have inherited. Whilst also leaving your own imprint for many generations to come.

What is the hardest part of your job?

Juggling the three variables of cost, quality and time. Knowing which to prioritise, then trying to explain to a client that they cannot have all three! Finding products that strike a balance between them can be tricky, but with eporta, I found amazing products from new designers I would not have found otherwise.

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What is your proudest design moment?

I am always proud when I find ways of optimising a floorplan to gain space. This was especially important for the project pictured below as space is a premium in central London. By shifting the entrance door and the stairs, alongside some clever structural adjustments, we were able to vastly increase the usable area. I was especially proud that the resulting spaces were efficient, well-proportioned and well-defined.

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What inspires your projects?

The fact that you are leaving a lasting impact (hopefully positive) well beyond your lifespan.

What would be one piece of advice for an architect just starting out?

Don’t underestimate the power of a hand-sketch or a physical model. There is a tendency to replace them with fancy 3D software, but by doing so we lose craftsmanship and control over our designs.

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What is the most exceptional project you’ve seen recently and why?

I recently visited the Musée Soulages by RCR Arquitectes and was very impressed. From its clarity of the forms to the profound understanding of the material (metal in this case). All the way to its sculptural qualities within its park surroundings and its placement in the terrain, it was refreshing to see something new, not completely whitewashed with gypsum board.

Soulages Museum RCR Arquitectes via Architectural Record.
Soulages Museum RCR Arquitectes via Architectural Record.

Quick fire round

Where is your happy place?

There’s no place like Switzerland for the outdoors. So, in the summer hiking in the mountains or sailing and swimming in the lakes, and in the winter skiing.

Three words to describe eporta?

Fun, easy, intuitive.

If you weren’t an architect, what would you be doing?


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