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5 questions with Casamance

To celebrate textiles becoming an official category on eporta we sat down with five of the biggest fabric brands in the industry and asked them five questions to help you get to know them a little better.

Long have Casamance been a go-to textile brand for designers looking for subtly edgy and diverse fabrics that quietly stand out within a space. Each is beautifully made, many of which are suitable for both residential and commercial use. We wanted to know more about Casamance, so here are their responses to our five quick-fire questions.

Discover the Casamance collection here.

Describe Casamance in 3 words

Sophisticated, Modern Elegance, French charm.

Casamance Miller Wallpaper
Casamance Croisette Fabric
Casamance Miller Wallpaper
Casamance Croisette Fabric

Tell us a little about Casamance’s story to date.

The Casamance brand was created in 2000 with the aim of offering professional interior decoration fabric and wallpaper collections in an elegant, timeless style.

We are a fresh modern brand, built on the 44 years of know how and heritage as part of the Texdecor group.

What inspires your collections?

Taking time to leaf through an art book, visit an exhibition, savour a dinner or a cocktail amongst friends, Casamance offers a backdrop for these abiding moments. We take inspiration from the moments that people interact with our fabrics and wall-coverings. The brand awakes aesthetic emotions in us; captures the spirit of shared or rediscovered moments, then transcends them, creating very special ambiances.

Molitor Hotel, Paris.
Molitor Hotel, Paris.

If you could see your fabric in any famous building which would it be and why?

The Molitor, because it celebrates French style, and the spontaneous way of living in the period of Art Deco.

And we couldn't miss the opportunity to sneak in a question about eporta.

How would you describe eporta in three words?

Easy, quick, professional.

You can explore the whole Casamance catalogue here on eporta. Read about other textile brands that have joined us here.

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