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20 Questions with Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Founders of Rockett St George

We sat down with Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, founders of Rockett St George, and asked 20 rapid-fire questions about their spirit animals, how they start their mornings, their favourite era, and everything in between.

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What’s the more valuable lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?
Jane: Be brave, feel the fear and do it anyway!
Lucy: Do not risk more than you are not willing to lose. This made the start of our journey much harder, as we did everything ourselves. However, it made for a relatively stress-free time.

Who is your design style icon?
Jane: Philippe Starck
Lucy: Vivienne Westwood

What is your proudest business moment to date?
Jane: Publishing our two books - Extraordinary Interiors. A definite high point.
Lucy: Having a concession in Liberty, this was beyond both Jane's and my wildest dreams.

Where is your ‘happy place’?
Jane: Anywhere my husband is.
Lucy: Any beach (well, any beach in the sun).

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If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Jane: Time travel
Lucy: I would love to time travel.

What is your go-to karaoke song?
Jane: Champagne Supernova
Lucy: Singing is not a talent I possess. However, I think if I could, I would belt out Survivor Destiny's Child.

What country would you love to visit?
Jane: Japan
Lucy: I love Greece, and have travelled there since I was in my teens.

What is your favourite era?
Jane: Now
Lucy: The '90s were very fun.

How do you start your morning?
Jane: Slowly
Lucy: A very large cup of tea, catch up with the news.

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What is your spirit animal?
Jane: A fox
Lucy: A lion

What’s your party trick?
Jane: I'm a bit double-jointed in places.
Lucy: You will have to come to a party with me to find out.

Do you collect anything?
Jane: When I am on holiday I always buy something for the home to remind me of the holiday - it is now quite a collection.
Lucy: I maybe have one too many disco balls.

How do you take your tea/coffee?
Jane: Coffee, real and strong
Lucy: Strong, milk, no sugar.

What’s the most useless talent you have?
Jane: Being a bit double-jointed.
Lucy: I can make a bottle of wine disappear in under 30 minutes.

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What fashion trend needs to be brought back?
Jane: Hats
Lucy: I used to love a black Morgan bootleg. They were made from the most horrible fabric stretch polyester. But they were so flattering.

What is your favourite city in the world?
Jane: New York
Lucy: London, I love everything about it.

What is your favourite thing in your home?
Jane: My bed
Lucy: I have an upcycled lamp, made from an old fairground horse with light-up hoofs.

If you had to or book?
Jane: At home a movie, on holiday a book.
Lucy: Movie

If you had to choose...countryside or city?
Jane: Countryside
Lucy: City

If you had to choose...night out or night in?
Jane & Lucy: Night out!

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