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20 Questions with Ludovic Sorin, International Sales Director of Duvivier Canapes

We sat down with Ludovic Sorin, International Sales Director of Duvivier Canapes, and asked 20 rapid-fire questions about travel, design, how he starts his morning, and everything in between.

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What’s the more valuable lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?
The most important thing is not to be right, it is to win. Two additional pieces of advice were given: you need to truly understand what is expected from you and then be persistent.

Who is your design style icon?
I love design from the 30’s: Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier…

What’s your least favourite design trend of all time?
I guess it is not a matter of trend but rather of philosophy. I like design when it means something. Pierre Paulin for example had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve. Other designers have a more commercial and mercantile approach, which does not seem right to me.

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If you weren't in the furniture business, what would you be/what would you be doing?
My role as Sales Director is actually very fulfilling, as I am in contact with both designers and retailers, as a bridge between them.

What country would you love to visit?
I have visited probably 40 countries for work…I pretty much enjoy being at home, even if this has been a little too much lately! I am looking forward to visiting my partners again.

Who is one historical figure you would love to have a tea/coffee with?
I would say Charles de Gaulle, for strategical and tactical abilities. Probably the last great French state man, putting the country’s interest before his.

What is your favourite era?

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How do you start your morning?
Breakfast with cereals, yogurt, fruit, and a glass of water. Great start for a dynamic day.

What is the best gift you have ever received?
A pen from my wife. Always with me.

What is the most impressive dish you cook?
Pancakes if that counts! I am not a great cook!

What is the last movie that made you cry?
Even if I have a certain sensitivity, I am not the kind of guy to cry in front of the TV.

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How do you take your tea/coffee?
Coffee, expresso, black with 1 sugar.

What is your favourite city in the world?
Budapest is great, Beirut very dynamic, Sydney very bubbly, Tokyo is crazy…I always enjoy being where I am.

What is your favourite song to sing in the shower?
My kids are still asleep when I shower…

What is your favourite room in your house?
My living room, decorated with my wife.

What is the best pair of shoes you have owned?
I am actually thinking about indulging with a pair of shoes made to measure. So I do not own it yet.

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If you had to choose...countryside or city?

If you had to choose...chocolate or vanilla?
Clearly chocolate.

If you had to choose...beach or mountains?
Mountains, great for running and mountain biking!

If you had to choose...dogs or cats?
None. I have kids!

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