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The what, why & how of Procurement.

When it comes to project managing interiors schemes to fruition, there are many factors to juggle at once. Sometimes a helping hand is needed, whether to free up more time for new designs or to provide a safety net when dealing with multiple projects simultaneously, procurement services are just that. However, what exactly does a procurement service do, how do you find a good one and really what help can they offer?

We spoke with our in-house procurement team lead, Zenia to get to the bottom of these recurring questions.

Zenia Andersen, Procurement Team Lead at eporta.

What is procurement?

Procurement is an umbrella term for the time-consuming part of a project which happens behind the scenes - the costing, planning, and organisation of everything that needs to arrive on site. So that it all does so, on time and in perfect condition.

Why would someone choose to use a procurement service?

In essence, its like employing an extension of your own team, someone you trust to organise and deliver your projects. The top three perks of a procurement team are:

  1. They can help you negotiate lower costs or find alternatives to fit within your budget.
  2. They've seen it all - the good, the bad and the ugly, so they know how to prevent or tackle a sticky logistic situation, making sure the overall project runs smoothly.
  3. You can hand over your project and free up time elsewhere. A good procurement manager works on your behalf to resolve issues, only letting you know when a solution has been successfully found.
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How should one choose which procurement team to go for?

Firstly meet the individual or team in person before you hire them. You'll be working very closely with them, for an extended time, so it has to be someone you trust to deliver the project as you've envisioned.  

Have a firm idea of which elements of a project you want them to help with. Some companies only offer services for the latter stages of a project from sourcing products to delivery and install. However, others like eporta can provide a full-suite approach, from space planning and design through to aftercare. Assessing their full range of capabilities is essential in case your needs change throughout a project.

What's more, there are specialisms, so ask if they've done a project like yours before- Hotels, Residential, Multi-residential, F&B or Maritime - procurement isn't just procurement. Someone regularly working within F&B, for example, knows the best suppliers for that type of project, meaning less time spent shopping around and fewer risks. If your project is abroad, find out what they've been able to deliver overseas and what logistics they have in place to ensure the success of your project.

Whatever the reason, if procurement seems like a good option for your project, hopefully, these insider tips will help you hire the right person for the job.

If you are interested in knowing more about eporta Procurement and how we could work with you on an upcoming project, please get in touch. You can see some examples of the fantastic work they've done here for Studio Jenny Jones, Bloom & Wild and a penthouse apartment in New York.

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