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A work of art. Eight inspirational Instagram feeds.

Every interior designer and architect are unique, and where they seek inspiration for their schemes is an individual process. However, a growing chorus of designers on social media has coined #startwiththeart.

So we thought we'd look into some of the best feeds to act as your artistic muse.

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Studio Proba

Studio Proba, the New York-based design studio set up by Alex Proba, is a fantastic showcase of colour, pattern and playfulness.

Having completed murals and artworks for the likes of Lulu Lemon and Hudson Yards, her designs are prolific on Instagram. We find endless inspiration in the curves, lines and colour palette of her pieces, and hope you do too.

Check out their feed for inspiration @alexproba or find out more here.

Emily FOrgot.png

Emily Forgot

Emily Forgot is a London based artist. Her pieces are unique and bold, so it's no surprise that the architecturally inspired artworks are a favourite with interior designers.

She's created bespoke pieces for Selfridges, The Mondrian Hotel and the V&A producing both 2D and 3D pieces that are so immersive you feel like you can step into them.

Check out her feed for inspiration @emilyforgot or find out more here.


The Tappan Collective

The Tappan Collective, curate pieces from multiple artists around the world. By pulling together all this fantastic talent, their Instagram feed is an incredible and varied source of inspiration.

Here you can stumble across a piece to kick start any project, what's more, you can shop Tappan Collective on eporta.

Check out their feed for inspiration @tappancollective or find out more here.

MichaelTaylor Studio.png

Michael Taylor Studio

Michael Taylor's work is the perfect mood board base, the range of colours he uses lend themselves to an entire scheme.

He's turning heads throughout the design world currently, but with his work showcased predominantly in Sydney and Cape Town, you'd be forgiven for not having come across Michael yet.

However, one swipe down his feed will keep you coming back for more.

Check out their feed for inspiration @michaeltaylorstudio or find out more here.

KAte Crowbert.png

Kate Crowbert

Commercial and residential clients alike would be impressed with Kate Crowbert's talented use of tapestry.

These wall drapes are beautifully hand-made and evoke a sense of movement. Kate's entire feed is like candy for the eyes, soft, colourful and tactile. You want to reach out and touch them.

Check out their feed for inspiration @katecrowbert.

Kerry HAstings.png

Kerry Hastings

Organic and undulating in form, every Kerry Hasting's piece is a unique interpretation of nature.

Inspired by her childhood in Scotland, she creates pieces by playing with elements such as copper, basalt, and chrome, injecting the clay with pigments and finishes that are tactile and raw.

Check out her feed for inspiration @kerry_hastings_ceramics or find out more here.


Russell Herron

Believe it or not, the above image is a pencil drawing. That's right the humble HB pencil in the hand of Russell Herron is responsible for this magnificent catalogue of work.

Lifelike, intriguing and unusual, many of Russell's pieces would add a some monochromatic magic to any wall. Stay tuned to his feed to see more.

Check out her feed for inspiration @russell_herron_art or find out more here.

Project on walls.png

Project on Walls

We couldn't write about art inspiration without mentioning Projects On Walls, Run by Scarlett Bowman, who wrote a fascinating article for us on the seven faces of modern art.

Hired by interior designers to locate the ideal piece or pieces for projects around the world, Scarlett has an expert eye. This tantalising feed will continuously have you coming back for more.

Check out her feed for inspiration @projectsonwalls or find out more here.

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