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Fiat Lux - A Little Light Reading by Kate Burnett

Lighting is one of our most popular categories on eporta. Kate Burnett, editor Studio., talks about the importance of lighting within a project, as well as insights to how the industry is advancing.


Lighting is one of the areas that have changed most during my career in design –the pace of change seems unrelenting. Architects and interior designers have a lot to keep up with, and lighting design itself has evolved to become a separate discipline rather than a decorative layer within a scheme. These advances deliver a clear advantage to professional interior designers who can use them to provide real value to their clients. Paradoxically, clients may well be blissfully unaware of the revolution that has been going on above their heads. Lighting is something we arguably take for granted and 137 years after the advent of electric lighting, on-and-off switches are still the standard for most homes, with dimmer switches (over 50 years old already) representing the next level of sophistication.

The opening of the Lighting Industry Association’s new Academy in September reflects the complexity of the subject and will provide accredited training and qualifications for lighting design specialists who are in growing demand for residential as well as commercial projects.

Lighting is powerful stuff, going far beyond the simple difference between light and dark, it can be used to create a range of moods, or allow for all manner of tasks to be performed.

As well as designing transformative lighting schemes for interiors, the range of products designers can use is staggering. It’s not surprising that lighting products are some of the most sought-after on eporta. Aside from the relentless creativity of individual designers and manufacturers, there has been a technological revolution in recent years. New light sources have been invented and evolved, extending the lifespan of lighting, making it cheaper to run and giving the light itself a more nuanced quality with a wider range of colour and temperature.

It doesn’t have to consume half the budget or add weeks to the programme, but it is clearly worth persuading clients to invest in a great lighting design.

As editor of Studio, I get to see a lot of projects and the pleasure of seeing a well-lit space remains, if you’ll pardon the pun, undimmed.



Following Kate's insights we take a look at 10 of our most popular lighting suppliers on eporta. Click through to view the catalogues and Connect to discover your trade discount:

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