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eporta X WGSN Interiors Trend Report 2018

We found this year's trends stem from one root, hyper-individualisation. Sparked by a rapidly changing, unstable society paired with boundless social lives due to technology, we have never been so aware of ourselves and our individual needs. Negotiating what clients need, value and how they want to communicate this to the world will become a designer's greatest challenge over the coming year. The following trends may seem contradictory, however, it is up to designers to find ways of allowing them to coexist harmoniously.

Trends can be contentious, especially in an industry where projects can take years to come to fruition. This is why the movement behind the trend is what really matters to us; the social shifts, drifts and rifts that explain why change is occurring. As designers we are expected to be at the forefront of design thinking, and in an era where clients have a constant feed of inspiration and influence, trade professionals need to offer insight that goes above and beyond.

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