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"Digital marketing is not a fad or a phase – it’s here to stay."

Justyna Sowa, Creative Director of Decorum, tells us why marketing your brand digitally can no longer be ignored and gives some top tips for online success.


“Embracing digital marketing shouldn’t be questioned.”

Design and interiors businesses which don’t introduce digital marketing in their promotional activities mix are simply short-sighted, damaging their businesses. Digital marketing is not a fad or a phase – it’s here to stay and it’s the way in which communication evolved – from letters to emails, and now from consuming media via broadcast and print to mobile and online.


Why is it so important to brands to stay ahead of the game? 

The interiors industry doesn’t evolve as rapidly as fashion for example, and there are businesses which now break even and make a profit without a digital marketing activity, relying solely on their loyal, historic clientele. But once that clientele is gone, they’ll be left without an audience for their business. Also, while these companies keep ticking over, there are many new businesses launching in the market, which thanks to their digital marketing activities are taking bigger and bigger pieces of the market.


What one thing is most crucial to online success? 

Get your website right. If your website doesn’t clearly communicate the purpose of your business, its vision and mission, no promotional activities will work to their full extent. Make it easy to navigate, fill it with text which is meaningful and through storytelling explains your business, and optimise the website for SEO so that you can be easily found. Once that’s done, you can venture into blogging, social media and online PR.


What else should brands do? 

Digital marketing includes your website, newsletters, advertising, SEO, social media, blogging etc. You’re not supposed to do it all yourself for the business. Simply, you have to have a marketing specialist in-house or outsource marketing to an external agency.


What does the future hold? 

I believe in five years time, the ways we use the digital sphere will keep evolving and will improve to further facilitate interiors and design business and do it on a global scale. It will be even easier and faster to communicate: source information and products, pitch for business and close deals. I’m personally very excited about Virtual Reality and I believe the interior design practices using it to win international business will be at the forefront of the field.


What is the biggest challenge for brands? 

Too often you see companies with impressive credentials who fail to unleash their full potential because of the poor quality of their communications.

I believe we can change this. Our mission at Decorum is to connect ambitious companies with their audiences in a more meaningful way, so that they can flourish in the digital age.


#designmatters because…

Design touches us every day – from how comfortable our bed is, to the interiors of our home and the flow of spaces, through to the design of public transport for our commute, our office spaces to the ambience of restaurants. At Decorum we have recently moved to a new office located in London South Bank so together with the team I understand first hand how good design affects us – it lifts your spirits, makes you happier, more productive, more sociable and more creative. It helps you be the best version of yourself.


Justyna Sowa is the CEO and Creative Director at Decorum,

Justyna Sowa is the CEO and Creative Director at Decorum, a London-based creative PR and marketing agency focused on redefining effective communications for businesses specialising in high end interiors, design and luxury.

Prior to setting up Decorum in 2013 Justyna was driving the social media presence of Decorex International. Her interest in the interiors sector stemmed naturally from a wider passion for visual arts and culture. "What fascinates me about art and design is the process of creation – from ideas, to concepts, to something tangible. Through our creative processes we can produce new experiences and enhance our day-to-day as well as long term wellbeing. Only through good design, interiors and art we can elevate our beings from the basic needs, to a more fulfilled life.”


Decorum regularly run social media workshops, the next one being 21st April. Click here to view the details and register.

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