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Are co-living and co-working spaces taking over the world?

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We are excited to be hosting a panel discussion at eporta around how design can help cultivate culture in collaborative spaces. Join us for the discussion this Decorex, from 2pm Sunday 16th September, book here to join the conversation with Michael Faulkner from Design Haus Liberty, Courtnee Robertson from The Collective, Adriana Zielinska from Gensler and Gary McLuskey from Greystar.

Co-living and co-working spaces are booming, co-working developers WeWork are opening a new site around the world every week. Co-living companies such as The Collective have plans to open three new sites in London alone over the next two years.

WeWork Devonshire Square
WeWork Devonshire Square

They aren't the only ones companies; Greystar, Open Door and Norm are doing it too. Whilst the concept of co spaces isn't new, the thirst for adopting this collaborative way of life is.

In this talk, we want to understand both why and how they are doing this? What socioeconomic factors are at play? Is it a response to growing rates of loneliness? Affordability in the city? Will this become the norm for how people choose to live? And what role does design have to play in making these spaces work?

Communal Kitchen at Old Oak by The Collective
Communal Kitchen at Old Oak by The Collective

Food for thought...

We've collated some great articles on co-everything, so you can get some reading in before the talk itself.

IKEA's external innovation lab Space10 have created a survey in conjunction with Anton & Irene about the shared living spaces of the future, called One Shared House 2030. You can read the whole article on Dezeen, but watch this video to find out more about how the future is shaping up.

If that sounds a little too far fetched, let's look at the here and now. Emma Ledger from Stylist went native and stayed in several co-living offerings, embedding herself into the way of life they provided, from the people she met to the variety of options on the table. This is a really interesting first-hand viewpoint of what it's like to co-live in a space with others.

Stylist Co-living article
Stylist Co-living article

For a more in-depth analysis into the catalysts behind this growing movement, then look no further. Researched and written by London Architects, Studio Weave and RIBA; 'Living closer: The many faces of co-housing' is in-depth and thorough.

Lastly, this article by Architectural Digest explores the blurred lines of co-working spaces and how others, such as hotels, can prosper from their growth in popularity by mimicing their USP's.

Ryse Hotel, San Francisco, as seen in Architectural Digest.
Ryse Hotel, San Francisco, as seen in Architectural Digest.

Share your questions about co-working, co-living, the reasons behind the growing popularity... whatever comes to mind, share your thoughts with us by tagging @eporta on Instagram or tweet us @eporta_.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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