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Our Design Manager, Sam, is here with her top 5 insights on why thinking about your brand matters:

So, what is a brand and why is it important to me? I hear you cry.

Brand can be a bit of a dirty word, but really it's the magic one. It gives you the power to transform the way people see you and how you do business. A brand isn't just a logo or visual style, it is in fact a relationship between you and your clients.

Building a brand is a lot like pass the parcel (please forgive me for this metaphor if you had a bad experience as a child, or indeed a parent... ). It’s a collection of experiences, unwrapping one layer after the next and investing your time to get to the sweet spot in the middle. A brand needs each layer to work together to cumulate in something that really delivers for your clients.

With that in mind, for this post we’ll be focusing on the overarching approaches that will benefit your brand as a whole. I’ll be back again soon to dive into the details (logo, colour palette etc) but to kick us off I’ve put together a 5-point hit-list for you to have in your back pocket when thinking about your brand.

1. Be yourself.
No one wants a relationship with someone that's not being themselves. The same goes for a company; if you're not authentic your clients will recognise that and move along pronto. Opt for something that feels natural and you’d be proud to associate with for the long haul.

2. Consistency is key.
If your friend acted like a different person every time you saw them, life would be exhausting. You’d probably avoid spending too much time with them. For your brand, this means maintaining your level of service and the way you communicate with clients, right down to the nitty gritty of your logo and even your choice of font. Consistency will give you an edge, guaranteed.

3. Quality control.
The smaller the company, the easier it is to establish and maintain a really strong brand. For the control freaks out there, this is your time to shine. Every company needs an ambassador to protect and nurture their brand.

I know from experience that you can often feel like an overlord, refusing to let anyone pass because that presentation is in the old style. No one wants to be that person, but whilst a brand is grounding itself and finding roots, consistency and quality are more important than ever.

4. First impressions matter.
A relationship is the sum of every interaction you’ve had, the good, bad and the ugly. The first time you interact with someone is incredibly important and often the most memorable. Bear this in mind when you’re making decisions. Only positive experiences will build relationships.

5. Be patient.
Strong relationships take a long time to develop, but they are worth investing in.

Be patient and nurture them over time. Don’t forget about the ones you built early on and only focus on establishing new ones. Your oldest relationships are incredibly valuable as your biggest advocates - you will learn the most from them.

In conclusion

We’ve had an ace time developing the eporta brand, and we can’t wait to share our own experiences with you! Keep an eye out for our new look and feel across the site.
I’ll be back soon with a closer look at how to develop the visual side of a brand. Let us know if there’s anything you’re dying to know! Until then...

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