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Supplier Spotlight: Girl Power

9 inspiring female run brands available on eporta.

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In a time of female celebration and reflection, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by many talented female designers and product creators. This article highlights just 9 of them, although there is plenty more to explore here.

Rosanna Lonsdale

Rosanna Lonsdale designs And hand-makes lamps that double up as pieces of table art. Heavily influenced by her grandmother Monica Greig, a renowned designer/maker herself, who used decoupage to create bespoke lamps. You will no doubt have seen Rosanna's personality-fuelled pieces in the pages of Living etc, Harpers Bazaar and The World of Interiors. Although relatively new to the game, establishing her company in 2016, Rosanna's bold, vibrant and fun accessories are solidifying her position as a standout star.

Signature Style:

  • Just for you: Every lamp is handmade to order in London where Rosanna has set up a creative studio filled with other female entrepreneurs.
  • Pantone Perfection: Because every piece is bespoke, the colours can be adapted to your specific Pantone request.
  • Enjoy some shade: Her designs are also adorned with hand made shades, in creams and ivory's or for the high-octane designs, look into her colourful Ikat offerings. which has inspired hand makes her lamps in London, following the same decoupage techniques used by her acclaimed grandmother, Monica Greig.

Kristina Dam Studio

Kristina Dam graduated from The Royal Danish School of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design in Copenhagen. Her love and understanding of architecture are easily visible in the pieces she creates, along with notes from the places she's travelled and the people who have inspired her along the way. The brand launched with an acclaimed series of limited edition illustrations and has evolved their collection to include both furniture and lighting too. The company is on a mission to merge art and interiors in any way they can.

Signature style:

  • Honest materials: Emphasis is put on the use of natural and genuine materials. But going one step further, Dam wants the materials to be barely touched, for example the wood is only lightly sanded.
  • Nordic minimalism: A monochromatic colour palette, paired with clean lines and simplistic shapes harp to a strong Scandinavian heritage.
  • Sculptural elements: From graphic lines inspired by Bauhaus art through to Japanese simplicity and shapes, each item has a deliberately sculptural element to it.

Jennifer Manners Design

Jennifer Manners is arguably one of the most charming suppliers you could ever meet. Her passion for designing exquisitely handcrafted rugs is palpable. Once a TV news reporter in America, Manners has travelled the world, picking up creative inspiration along the way from the colours she selects to the patterns. Every rug tells a story and is bought to life in India and Nepal where the craft of rug making has been honed over many generations.

Signature Style:

  • Variety, the spice of life: Manners' collection is vast with patterns that appeal to many tastes, from geometrics to the organic forms of undulating sand dunes, the inspiration is so varied and the resulting products even more so.
  • Interesting neutrals: Whilst some of the collection is colourful, many of the rug designs play with tones found in nature, layering creams and ivories with greys and sand tones.
  • Caught your eye: Alongside the rugs, Jennifer Manners Design has a wide range of silk Ikat patterned cushions, their dynamic colourways pack a punch.


Olga Torres, the founder and creator of industry renowned Duistt, started the business in Porto Portugal in 2014. Founded on the basis that artisanal craftsmanship is fundamental for a unique design, as a result Olga has ensured all which Duistt produce marries together unapologetic modern aesthetics with traditional making techniques. This results in a widely applauded collection of sumptuous and highly identifiable pieces that will stand the test of time.

Signature style:

  • Metallic notes: Brushed golds and brass are a regular feature in Duistt products.
  • Dark woods: Beautiful mahogany and cherry woods add depth to many of their pieces.
  • A softer approach: With the addition of soft cotton and mohair velvets Duistt pieces feel luxurious and indulgent.

Barneby Gates

The brainchild of Vanessa Barneby and Alice Gates, Barneby Gates is a Wiltshire based wallpaper and fabric studio. Barneby and Gates are childhood friends who went on to achieve amazing things as the Interiors Editor of Vogue and a classically trained artist. Their designs are hand drawn and printed in Britain, each with an identity of their own.

Signature Style:

  • Bold to say the least: From the patterns to the colours there is nothing shy and retiring about their collection.
  • Playful in nature: Their designs depict bees, tree's, lions and many other nature-inspired motifs, but they also have a playfulness and sense of fun to them.
  • Precious Highlights: Golds and silvers pull the designs off the wall, adding a feeling of opulence and elegance.

Mambo Unlimited Ideas

Mambo Unlimited Ideas is powered by two amazing female product designers Claudia Melo and Ana Ladeiro. Both trained at the Fine Arts University of Lisbon and have explored their creativity across numerous fields, from fashion to graphics and on to interiors, the influence of each is highly visible in their designs.

Signature Style:

  • Retro Vibe: There is distinctive 60's/70's vibe to many of Mambo's collection, from the colourways to shapes.
  • Colour wheel: Both Claudia and Ana, inject a Portuguese passion for bright bold colours into their designs.
  • Mixed Materials: Woods combined with metallics, leathers and skins with glass, the collection is a pic 'n' mix of textures and finishes.

Studio Sirio

Studio Sirio, a relatively new name in the industry, being only two years old, was founded by Aurore Martial. A specialist children's rug creator, she designs everything with a twist, every piece is fun, purposeful and brimming with imagination, which she hopes will impart on the children who use them. Every detail is considered with every piece hand-made in India from hypoallergenic New Zealand wool which also gives them extra bounce and fluffiness.

Signature style:

  • Cut-out Cuteness: Pieces from the 'Disguise' collection are cut-out in the shape of cuddly children's animals such as doves and bunny's, ideal for a children's nursery.
  • Primary tones: On the opposite end of the spectrum Martial's Ironic collection plays with a monochromatic background and pops of reds, blues and yellows.
  • Creative sparks: Each rug feels like a character from a children's book, sparking the imagination to run wild, ideal for children young or old.

Swedish Ninja

If you are looking for a dose of eclectic design, Maria Gustavsson, founder of Swedish Ninja is here to help. Founded in 2007 the design studio produce eye-catching lighting solutions in intriguing hues and forms, the C.Lamp is a perfect example of this. Exciting times lay ahead for Maria and the brand too, as she transitions into furniture design too, so stay tuned.

Signature Style:

  • Circle of life: Many of the pieces by Swedish Ninja are circular or half moon in shape.
  • Popping Colour: Though the designs may be small they are mighty because Gustavsson does not shy away from colour.
  • Material Girl: Continuing the eclectic theme of her designs, Gustavsson mixes cork with wood and metal to make a harmonious yet unique piece.

Amy Kent

“A rug can create a statement piece as the pivotal part of a room, or work seamlessly with the rest of the interior to simply give warmth and texture.” Amy Kent, and her brand of the same name, really understand the impact of floor coverings on a space. Each rug is handcrafted in India and Kathmandu and is a testament to Kent's exploration of pattern and nature.

Signature Style:

  • The face of it: Several of Kent's collection celebrate some of natures greatest creatures such as the tiger and elephants.
  • Abstract: There are also a number of abstract rugs available with paint splatter-like patterns, great for adding a heightened sense of texture. I mean who doesn't want art on their floor?
  • Sky's the limit: Fully customisable from size to colour, every rug is handmade and therefore designed to suit perfectly.
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