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Guest Edit: Scandinavian Mint by Martyn White Designs

The Scandinavian style has remained an incredibly popular choice for the home during 2016. This style shows no signs of going anywhere as colour choices, textures and brands appear to be evolving with the style rather than replacing it.

Gone are the days of extreme minimalism, natural tones and simple textures. This style has developed into layered patterns, injections of colour and the use of metallic metal finishes such as brass.

With more personality and an extreme amount of choice for the home, I have selected my favourite Scandinavian inspired items from the eporta website to demonstrate just how much fun and personality can be applied to a space:


eporta scandinavian items
Martin White Designs

Martyn at Spirit of Summer 2016 show at Olympia London

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An avid lover of all things opulent, Martyn has experience and understanding in all aspects of the luxury sector. With an academic background in interior design and a desire to inspire, the website is a clear demonstration of this passion, featuring his own works from a multitude of areas.

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