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Between Waves - 2 Seater Sofa
Key Details
Production time From 10 to 10 weeks.
Country Portugal
Dimensions W: 186 cm x D: 92 cm x H: 75 cm
Trade discount All trade buyers receive a 50% discount to RRP
Files INSIDHERLAND Between Waves_2 seat sofa, 3 seat sofa and armchair.pdf ( Download)

Wood structure: exterior lacquered in half gloss varnish. Interior and whelks finished with gold leaf in high gloss varnish. Upholstery: cotton velvet in shades Atlantic blue, Pacific blue, Indian green and Arctic white.

Available in various fabric finishes. Please see file attached and add finish in notes to an order.

Following the footprints in the sand of a deserted beach, an intense glow anchored between rocks is an object of desire and admiration, triggering a leading path to an exceptional creation. Between Waves is a sofa that celebrates the simplicity of the natural world and the pleasure of an unapproachable luxury.
Raised as a trophy by four hand-carved whelks covered with gold leaf, Between Waves values the concept of protection as a shell that keeps inside a delicate and undefended being. As sand streaked by the retreat of waves of foam, this protective surrounding shell is ribbed in a shade of sand lacquered half brightness.

The angular hardness of the rocks is mirrored in the geometry of the broken volumetry and each particular point of the carved edges performed with skill. As in nature, each joint is appreciated for its irregularity.
By stealing the soft touch of perfectly polished pebbles from reality, the loose cushions in cotton velvet in oceans tones contrast with the exquisite interior covered with gold leaf. A construction detail causes a subtle wave of the side cushions, again bringing to mind the undulating motion of the sea.
Between Waves involves us in a delicate luxury experience. Snuggled between forms of loose rocks, perfect pebbles and the  ocean tones reflected in a shimmering golden glow,  we let ourselves involve in a delicate melody sung by a whelk anchored in the soft sunburned sand.

About Insidherland

Created by Architect Joana Santos Barbosa in 2012, INSIDHERLAND is a Portuguese brand of exclusive design. Drawn with the signature of the creator, the impressive range of furniture, lighting, upholstery and accessories are connected to her personal memories and have been highlighted for their innovative and soulful designs. Joana explores several influences from travels around the world to define her own Land as a place that allows her to translate her perceptions into objects of art.

INSIDHERLAND presents two inspiring collections. Beyond Memory Collection is deeply influenced by organic forms of nature, legends and traditional cultures, as for the Identity Collection is molded by forms of Architecture and Art. Both collections are designed as a dialog in which nature meets strong architectural lines to create relaxed and sophisticated interiors surrounded by natural materials and meaningful art pieces.

Being positioned in strategic markets of high-end luxury decoration, INSIDHERLAND team is proud of working with the best architects and interior design studios from all over the world who seek for handmade exclusive objects that arouse emotions and stand out in exquisite spaces. We are dedicated with love and enthusiasm into every creation to surprise a sensitive but demanding public. Using the expertise of traditional craft techniques, all creations are made by the hands of Portuguese master craftsmen and jewelers who wisely sculpt them in noble materials, finalizing every detail with elegance and perfection.